Solo Camping Trip in the Great Smoky Mountains: Ashley Judd Heaven

The famous American actress and political activist, Ashley Judd, recently spent some quality time in the Great Smoky Mountains. If Judd is to be believed, a solo camping trip is the best way to take a break from stress and unwind in the lap of nature.

Ashley, who recently hit the headlines with the famous Harvey Weinstein controversy, took a break from the limelight and went on a weekend trek. She intended to spend some time alone.

On Sunday, the 49 year old actress posted her picture on a social networking site. She called the place her heaven.

Ashley was looking happier than ever. In the photograph, she was wearing a gorgeous lavender raincoat and a bucket hat while trekking the Appalachian Trail.

She posted a picture with tea in her hand. She seemed to be very content and enjoying the trek to the core.

Judd says she derives her creative strength out in the beautiful barren areas accompanied by no one but herself.

She posted a series of beautiful photographs from the Great Smoky Mountains with the caption, “My heaven. Solo back country back packing is how I go deep inside so I may live big on the outside.”

Even while she was trekking, she could not keep herself away from fans. She asked them to help her identify some pretty flowers growing in the mountains.

She then posted some more photographs and captioned them, “My beloved @greatsmokynps @GSMNP #smokymountains #appalachian mountains.”

“Waking up in the wilderness alone is a magnificent feeling, and drinking my morning tea on cold spring mornings plumbs depth and groundedness I can pull from for months while I otherwise live a public life.”

“Here are just a few of the #march #wildflowers I saw tooth wort, blood root, spring beauty, rue anemone, sharp lobed hepatica, and looked for but missed trailing arbutus.”

It must be noted that Judd recently created a stir with her take on the Harvey Weinstein case. According to reports, after the entire episode of Harvey Weinstein, Judd had been offered some work. It is to be noted that Judd was blacklisted from Hollywood by Weinstein for many years.

On the Academy Awards’ red carpet, Ashley Judd, and Mira Sorvino were seen discussing the controversy over the Hollywood giant, Harvey Weinstein. The actresses were seen chatting about Harvey Weinstein and the Time’s Up movement.

Judd interacted with the media and told about her infamous encounter with Weinstein in 1997.

She quoted, “What’s so spectacular about this moment is that finally, the world is able to hear.”

“We women, one, our voices have been squelched, and two, those of us who have come forward, we’ve often been disbelieved, minimized, shamed. So much of the movement is about externalizing that shame and putting it back where it belongs, which is with the perpetrator,” Ashley added.

ashley judd on a camping trip in the great smoky mountains.
Ashley Judd wearing a woolen beanie on a camping trip in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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