Ryan Dunn Show Halted Out of Respect

Our hearts go out to the friends and family of Ryan Dunn. Shortly following the sudden death of Ryan Dunn (from MTV’s Jackass) in a car accident early Monday morning outside Philadelphia, G4 then decided to yank its series “Proving Ground,” co-hosted by Mr. Dunn, off its schedule. G4 later said the show is being removed from its lineup until further discussions about the show’s future can happen. Ryan Dunn was just thirty four years of age.

Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel states, “While I never met Mr. Dunn, I did have the opportunity to attend a charity event at which Steve-O also attended. He was very kind, talented, and funny, and incredibly generous with his time in helping mentally handicapped kids. Since that, the show Jackass had a new meaning to me. I wish Steve-O and the other friends and family of Ryan the very best in healing from their loss.”

Bruce Edwin is editor of The Hollywood Sentinel and President of Starpower Management, the celebrity model and talent firm. Contact Bruce at TheHollywoodSentinel.com