Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst Reveals Hidden Truths About Reiki

Mikao Usui (1865-1926) is the founder of the original Japanese Reiki tradition. As a child, Usui-Sensei was brought up in a Tendai Monastery and was taught in depth theology on Buddhism. He was also taught martial arts and attained mastership in Menkyo Kaiden and in Ki-Ko. Ki-ko is based on the Chinese form of martial arts and on the energy system known as Qi-Gong (source: Reiki for Life by Penelope Quest).

A great many similarities can also be seen between Qi-gong and Reiki in the practice of dispersing energy. The goal of Reiki is to keep energy flowing throughout the mind, body and spirit in order to achieve perfect harmony. – Jaclyn Kalkhurst; Reiki Master

Stunning, powerful, charming, and life changing, Los Angeles based Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst opens up to reveal never-before discussed facts concerning Reiki and energy healing, in this exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel, by Bruce Edwin.

The Hollywood Sentinel: You are the only Reiki Master we know of based in downtown L.A, which is cool. ​Can you tell us why you chose downtown L.A., instead of the more obvious, trendy, new agey areas of the city?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: There are actually several Reiki healers downtown Los Angeles. In fact, my Master’s Master’s Master is based in the Arts District. But I believe I am the only one with a Holy Fire Karuna and Usui Reiki certification.

The Evolution of Downtown L.A.

I went to USC just south of Downtown and so it was extremely convenient at that time. It was the only habitat like the one I grew up in on the other side of the world. Hong Kong is a jam-packed city filled with busy bodies, sounds of traffic and constant white noise.

Downtown eleven years ago when I first arrived was honestly a joke to me. I couldn’t believe that this is what they would consider their central (part of the city). But then the city changed so quickly within these past few years that I am very much in love with it and it’s new vibe that it is emitting.

But Downtown L.A. also holds a personal place for me from a different time. I never met my Grandfather, who was an actor in the 1930s and 1940s. He came to L.A. to try out this thing called the movies. He even had his first son here, however he realized how much he didn’t like working on films and started performing around town, especially on Broadway Street which is near my office.

When I walk Downtown, I imagine what it must have been like for him at that time. How I too, found my way to the stage in my previous career as a stage manager (and I am still part of AEA). I imagine what he must have thought about when he arrived in the city of Lost Angels. I knew he found it hard at first, like I did. I know he didn’t eventually stay here for very long. But this is where life had really changed for him, and it changed me too.

Opening my office here was mostly because I just couldn’t get away from my city. It was funny to me too, how few practitioners were down this way. But I think it takes a certain type of person to withstand the constant influx of energy that a big city creates. One of the reasons why I left Hong Kong was because I just couldn’t handle the constant streaming of very conservative viewpoints and energies that it emitted. California, being a naturally open minded state, it’s energy is much easier to flow with.

Brains vs. Beauty

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. As a model and talent manager, I have told to you before, that you remind me a lot of a young Angelina Jolie. How does being a beautiful young woman that looks like a movie star affect your business​?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: You know, I have been likened to her my whole life. And one day, if I ever do meet her, I am going to give her a big hug. Out of all the women in the world to be compared to, I am extremely lucky.

But circumstantially I am sure you can understand that growing up in Hong Kong wasn’t easy. I don’t think growing up in general is easy for anyone. But in my particular case, I was mixed and very out of place with my Chinese culture. It was not exactly conducive to me thinking that I looked like a movie star when I barely fit in with most of the population of Hong Kong. I was always, too tall, too big, too western looking, etc. Now, if I went back today I would definitely be thought of as a movie star as more mix race models are popular in the media.

That aside, it isn’t actually something I even really think about. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, save for some eyeliner. Maybe because I never had that growing up, my brain is more concerned with the rest of the world.

The first thing I think about when I meet someone new is really the way they talk about subjects rather than their looks. I mean, there are so many other things in the world to think about that are really important. I would rather spend my energy on that than how my hair curls after spending two hours fixing it. The thought of even spending that much time on my hair is actually making me roll my eyes as I write this.

So back to the question – how does it affect my business? I am sure it probably does from potential client’s point of view. But from my perspective, it doesn’t. I believe that I could weigh 300 pounds and I would still be doing this privileged work of effecting positive change in people’s lives. To me, that is the reason why I am doing this. For the greater good as they say.

Reiki vs. Other Energy Healing

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. I constantly network, and recently spoke with this person that does some energy healing stuff called re-connection. They claim it is more powerful than Reiki, but I don’t believe that, as I have experienced what you do. What are your thoughts on this and other modalities of so called energy healing?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: I actually have one of my childhood friends trained in re-connection. Yes it works and this is my answer to that question.

To me, energy at the end of the day, is still energy. I have also been trained in Sekhem, Qi-Gong and know a lot about Barbara Brennan’s works in Hands-On-Healing. From my experience, they all have very similar (in fact almost the same) basic theories to how energy therapy works. “A rose is still a rose by any other name.” That’s my answer to this question.

Although, I will say that some people are better trained in whatever modality they call their energy healing. With the right discipline and the right intention, chanting and prayer can also be an incredibly powerful healing technique. And I would never dispute that.

It is almost like saying one person likes heavy metal music and one person likes classical music. They are both undoubtedly music, but each genre is not the same for everyone. You definitely can’t force heavy metal on someone who likes classical, and vice versa. We all have different vibrations that we are attracted to.

So the same can be said about all kinds of energy healing. Some people work really well with one ‘genre’ over the other. I believe that anyone can learn how to do whatever modality they choose. But it takes an incredible amount of mental discipline to be able to do this work.

Choose Your Reiki Master Wisely

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s a great answer. I happen to like both metal and classical (laughs), but for energy work, I’d rather stick with you. Now I have another question. Can Reiki ever be used for ill intent? If so, how and how can a person avoid that if so?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: This particular questions treads on a delicate subject in this field. If you read about Reiki on 99% of any websites or books, they all say that, no it can’t. I would like to disagree.

The safety net that Reiki has is that every practitioner is taught to set the intention that Reiki be channeled for the purpose of healing only. With that intention being set, it is very difficult to cause ill will towards someone you are set to heal. However, if a child picks up a pair scissors that is usually used for arts and crafts with the intent of harming another child. Then of course, Reiki could be channeled with ill intent if they set the motion to do it.

I think it is very dangerous for people to think that it could not cause harm if done incorrectly. Give a predator a chance and they will take it.

The best way to avoid this circumstance is just like any other relationship you might have with a spa person or chiropractor or doctor, etc. You should always try and have a conversation with the practitioner first to see how ‘you’ feel about them. We are built with innate instincts of survival. If a person doesn’t feel right to you, then it is almost always that your instincts are correct. Find someone who you feel safe with and that you can trust. Reiki can get very personal and very deep during sessions and you will want to feel confident in the person taking care of you.

That being said, I as a practitioner also reserve the right to say no to a client I do not feel comfortable with. This circumstance has rarely happened to me personally. However, if my instincts tell me that I wouldn’t be able to help them or if I feel like I am in danger, I would explain to the client that they would need to seek help elsewhere.

Avoiding Psychic Vampires

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow, another great answer. Thank you. Some people get around a person and they may complain that they feel ‘drained’ by the persons energy. What is that about in your view and how can a person alleviate that feeling, aside from simply avoiding the person?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: In energy work we talk a lot about our own energy fields, but we rarely delve into the conversation of energy connections with other beings. I use the word beings because an energy connection can happen with plants, animals, objects, anything that you might have an attachment to. These cords or energy that are formed between beings can be very strong or very weak.

An example of these cords is when two people are in a relationship and they no longer have to use words to communicate with each other anymore. Or, another great example is usually between a mother and her child. A mother will always instinctively know if their child is in danger sometimes even when they are miles away. The energy cord between them is felt emotionally and instinctively.

What you are describing when being drained is usually when someone puts out energy towards another person and the other person doesn’t give energy back in the relationship. I am sure many people can relate to a scenario where you try your best and give everything to a certain individual but they don’t seem to be doing as much for you. That is exactly what is happening energetically too. Avoiding a person actually puts more energy into the cord by how much the person puts effort into ‘thinking’ about avoiding them. This then causes stress to an individual’s energy field as it encourages the draining process.

In energy work we have what we call a cord cutting. This does not fall under just Reiki at all but can actually be found through out most energy healing techniques and even ancient cultures all over the world. For whatever reason, it is very ‘popular’ now a days to cut cords as part of an energy cleanse so that it alleviates us from being drained by external entities. However, with the explanation that I just gave with how serious some cords are to individuals, you can imagine that cutting a cord with a person that is significant in your life could actually be experienced as pain. Energetically, when you remove a cord, you are left with a hole in your energy field. Your whole system will then try to compensate and will be destabilized. To me, cord cutting is a very serious business that shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be made consciously. Although when faced with a cord that is draining you, yes I do think it should be cut. But the client needs to understand the process before doing it.

The beautiful thing about Reiki is that when we remove a cord we can actually fill the gap in the energy field with Reiki energy. Reiki will then promote the healing process faster and will compensate whatever energy is missing in a person’s energetic field.

EMF Fields


Hollywood Sentinel: Wow. That’s intense. Thank you for that information. Do some people have stronger energy fields than others, and if so why?

I explain this in terms of introverts versus extroverts and all the other types of human beings in between. A human energy field, as explained by Barbara Brennan, can reach as far out to six feet away from a person and has many layers to it.

If you take an electromagnetic meter to a human being and measure their field (referred to as their EMF field), you can actually see how far a person’s field can be and that each person is different to another. Extroverts who always draw attention to themselves, either by the physical presence or verbal outpours, have extremely wide EMF fields. Introverts who try hide their presence in a room have very small fields around them.

EMF fields can also change around a person in different states of being. If a person is excited about a subject, their field widens. If a person is sick, their field is lessened. What most energy healers can do is that they can sense and feel your EMF field to inform them of what is going on with your being.

Energy Field After Death

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s interesting. What exactly is an energy field within a human, and how does it get there, and where do you feel it goes when the body dies?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: Basic science teaches us that everything is made of molecules. Molecules vibrate. When vibrations happen, they become EMF fields. So unless you are not from this universe with no molecules, you most definitely have an EMF field.

When a person dies, we know scientifically that molecules get recycled into the universe. The cool thing about death is that Dr. Duncan ‘Om’ MacDougall in 1901 actually did the 21 grams experiment where he weighed several patients at the time of their death and discovered that they immediately lost 21 grams. This of course can be explained by molecules departing the body and being recycled into the Universe. But most theorize that it is the soul departing the body.

I always like to think that if anything, no matter where we go afterwards, that an afterlife is indeed a very possible thing.

Lay Lines and Energy Vortexes

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. I agree. Assuming some people do have varying degrees of energy fields, what is the strongest energy field you have ever felt from someone and what was it like and why do you think it was so strong?

Jacklyn Kalkhurst: This is definitely assuming that it is a person that had the strongest EMF field I encountered. I could tell you about him. His EMF field is so strong he cannot wear watches. He wears out phones within a year. And he is definitely not allowed to step 3 feet near my computer. I will not give his name in consideration of his privacy. But he is a very gifted healer too and his meditations that he gives are extraordinary.

I would also like to tell you about Chichen Itza, as that is actually the strongest EMF field I had ever experienced. I didn’t know this until I got there, but for some unexplainable phenomena, Chichen Itza gets hit by lightning almost all the time. Which then charges up the atmosphere with electricity.

I had never experienced a more hair standing, more awe-inspiring moment in my life as a healer until I walked on the surface of that place. And to think of all the rituals they did there way back when, when they built the temple! It sits on very significant lay lines of earth energy, which then attracts the lighting to hit the location. If I could do a healing experience there, I would drop everything in a second to go do it.

Strengthening The Energy Field

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow. That’s awesome. That place sounds amazing. How can a person get their energy field stronger, aside from Reiki?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: Being grounded as a person is probably the most important thing in this as it is your anchor for your energy field. This can be attained through quieting your mind and feeling solid and secure in yourself.

Most of your readers may think that I am going to suggest meditation. Yes, that is one method of doing it. However, the definition of meditation is “to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time.” Everyone is different. And everyone does their thinking or focusing in very different ways.

To be true to yourself and your ‘meditation,’ you should go practice what you enjoy most to better calm your mind inside. For a lot of people, this could be done through a series of exercises either in the gym or out in nature.

But I also find that the simple act of drinking a good cup of tea or relishing the process of knitting something beautiful to be meditative too. The point being, the happier and calmer you are, the more grounded you become, and the better your EMF field.

The Purpose of Life

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. What do you consider is the purpose of life?

Jaclyn Kalkhurst: To be happy. Like I said in the previous question, the happier you are, the stronger your EMF field. But being happy is very subjective and ever changing.

What makes you happy now may not be what makes you happy later.

You have to constantly ask yourself “am I happy now?” And if not, what can you do to change it? Achieving happiness is the ultimate challenge in everyone’s life, and it sometimes seems hard to achieve. But then you could ask yourself, “does that actually make me happy?” Which then opens the door to how to be true to yourself.

I love my flowers I grow at home. I love my meditations and books that I read. I love being silly and I love my friends and family. I love how Reiki helps people feel better about themselves and that’s the work I have chosen for myself. So for now, I’m good. We’ll see tomorrow!

Hollywood Sentinel: Beautiful. Thank you Jaclyn for your great wisdom and insight shared with us.

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