Push Gift Etiquette for Her First Mother’s Day

New Requirements for Dads to Show Their Appreciation

So, your wife just had a baby?! How do you properly thank her for the gift of having your child?

Add one more requirement to the list of must-haves for the hospital suitcase – your push gift. Giving birth now requires more then just saying “thank you” and a kiss on the cheek. Nowadays many husbands are expected to buy expensive presents to thank their wives for dealing with pregnancy and pushing though labor.

Tradition in England says that men buy women an elegant ring on this occasion. In India, it calls for gold jewelry to be given. In the U.S. many men know they’re supposed to give her something but often miss the mark completely.

To help guys figure out the mystery of push gifts, we asked RomeoShops.com what to do. They told us that push gifts are keepsakes that show the man’s gratitude for her delivery of the ultimate gift – their baby. While there isn’t a suggested price range for these gifts, the thought behind it definitely counts.

Gift ideas could include; an extra special cashmere robe, a one of a kind necklace, or a book of photography entitled Fearless Women. RomeoShops.com is an online store (and the only one we could find) that provides an endless list of push gift items to choose from and tips on how guys can make her feel extra special during this important time.

The store helps men shop for the women they love by suggesting gifts according to the occasion and her personality and also answers our questions on love, new fatherhood and they even give tips on keeping us out of the doghouse.

“Most men think they are the exception to the theory that guys can’t shop for women,” said Courtright Bjork. “These stories of bad gifts will help us educate men that even THEY can fall victim to choosing the wrong token of love…it can happen to anyone, but at RomeoShops.com we make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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