Psychic and Medium to The Stars Reportedly Predicted 9-11

Lindy Baker, B.A., M.Ed., C.Ht., C.M.Ht. is a Clairvoyant, trained Business and Life Coach, and Spirit Medium and more.

Lindy’s awards include Favorite Psychic Medium 2013 in About dot com’s Reader’s Choice contest. She states that she has affidavits attesting that she accurately predicted the terrorist bombings in New York, among more. Her advice and astrology column appeared in ‘Las Vegas Fun and Fit Life Magazine’ for more than ten years.



Other awards include a Commendation for Employee of the Year, Department of Defense, DeCA, Information Resources, and a Public Service Award by the Stark County Prosecutor’s Office in Ohio. Lindy provides private, confidential, clairvoyant psychic telephone readings and coaching which she says are transformational, for celebrities, clients and businesses all over the world regarding business, romance, career, and other important life issues.

Gifted Clairvoyant and Life Skills Coach

Lindy Baker states that she has provided private, confidential clairvoyant psychic phone readings for clients all over the world for over twenty five years, and her clients keep coming back for more.

She reports that she has been asked by many police departments to assist them in solving their cases. Lindy states that among her vast worldwide clientele are celebrities, CEOs, business managers, artists, and musicians among more.

Lindy periodically conducts face-to-face sessions and workshops in Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Bernardino, California. Through her reading and coaching sessions, Lindy says that she’ll offer insights and channeled information that will guide the person on how to achieve goals and attain outstanding results for their life. She states that “In a simple, easy, and exhilarating format,” she will “unlock the keys that you already possess so that you excel beyond your wildest imagination.”

Medium and Channel

Lindy reports that she has the ability to interact with “other life forms” in the hereafter and says that she is an expert in paranormal activity. “That’s always been normal for me my entire life.” She says, “I believe that after our body disintegrates and death ensues, that we do live on in a form that many people refer to as ghosts or spirits. There are other forms I refer to as angels, guides and archangels.” Lindy says that “Many people have experienced messages from their loved ones that have passed on” during one of her sessions.

To experience a reading with Lindy, visit her site here below, or call her directly at 858-272-6463.

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