Producer Pete Allman Experience on The Actors Entertainment Chat Show

Pepper Jay, the producer and owner of Actors Reporter and Actors Entertainment Chat Show, recently invited me to appear on her show with one of her lovely hosts, Judith Jones. Jones has that wonderful ability to relax her guests and get them to laugh during her interview sessions.

The show focused on my career as a journalist and my experience in interviewing celebrities, along with producing films for Amadeus Pictures.

Judith had researched my career in broadcasting and started off with a question about James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul” and my relationship with him. “James Brown was like a brother to me and uplifted me, whenever he was around me,” I told her. We spoke about our friendship and how he invited me to appear on his radio station, The Boss 97.4 in Augusta, Georgia on a weekly basis.

James Brown would at any given time, when he wasn’t on tour, join me on my broadcasts as a surprise. Those were great memories.

During the one hour interview I was also asked about other interviews I had conducted for television and the most difficult interviews, I didn’t cherish. Those were, Anthony Quinn, a passionate human being who I interviewed with his children sitting beside him. We spoke about his art and mankind.

There was a recent interview that I was asked about, with Tony Curtis.

Tony and I had a real connection about life, his art and the difference between that and his acting. Sadly, Tony passed away a few months after we spoke. As Judith and I talked, she asked about other interviews, including Miley Cyrus and her Father Billy Ray Cyrus. They were both on set, speaking about the show they taped for the troops overseas and the relationship between Miley and her Dad, regarding his musical influence on her.

I commend Pepper Jay and her partner John Ferrari for providing an avenue for actors and producers, like myself, to speak about our projects and visions.

It’s always nice when you are not under a time limit on these types of shows. In fact, I was able to speak about Michael Jackson and his his friend and realtor Gloria Berlin, about the The Sycamore Ranch, which Michael purchased. Gloria had asked me to produce the movie, based on her book, “In Search of Neverland,” which was the name Michael used for the ranch.

I discussed Michael’s vision to create a Circus and new play land for him and his animals. Michael didn’t exactly have a normal childhood.

It was a real pleasure to share my experiences, on Actors Entertainment Chat Show. I really want to thank all the parties invovled, including Brando Keenman, who appeared towards the end of the show, and who is working with me on “In Search of Neverland.”

At the close of the show I was asked if I could offer my services to actors. I have consulted on scripts, provided entertainment for events, emceed and provided web design and marketing, along with special articles for actors and businesses.

On the show I invited everyone to join and put their profile up, as well as tell us what is unique about themselves or their business in one minute, with a video or written response. Now the same applies for you reading this article.

That’s my experience, appearing on Actors Entertainment Chat Show and my offer to you.