Pretty Little Liars Spotted In LA

LEGGY TANYA FAIRFOOT, known for her role on the hugely popular T.V. show Pretty Little Liars, was spotted coming out of Tutu’s Kids on Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills. We asked her what she’d bought and she told us an OohLaLa party dress. We asked her if she thought it was going to fit all right and she told us it was for her 5 year-old goddaughter. We apologized, of course.

Pretty Little Liars star, Tanya Lightfoot, at Tutus Kids in Beverly Hills

TIDBIT – ABC initially commissioned only a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars, as they weren’t sure how audiences would respond to the title. In a recent poll about how often people lie to their partners, 9% said about once every two weeks, 12% said about once a month, and a whopping 79% claimed they never lie to their partner at all. With so many honest people around, we’re wondering who all these millions are, who are watching Tanya’s show…