Model, Crystal Renn, Shocked By Photo Change?

Crystal Renn considers herself a plus-sized model. How big is she? She wears a size 10! Last time I checked, the plus sizes didn’t even start until 14 or 16. Okay, so she’s not a 2, but she’s complaining that a photo of herself in sexy negligee was photo-manipulated to make herself appear that size? Huh?

Anyone who sees the doctored photos can clearly see that the tiny amount removed does NOT reduce her size from a 10 to a 2. In case Crystal is not aware, and obviously she isn’t, a size 10 is not big. That small amount removed from her waist might have moved her down to a size 8, but nowhere near a size 2. Cameras add 10 to 20 pounds, so even is she WERE a size 2, she would appear at least a size 4 in the photo. Oh no!

Crystal is not alone though. Super stars such as Jessica Alba have complained when their photos have been photo-shopped. Why are they complaining? It’s a compliment, after all. I’ve had photos taken and manipulated, and I for one enjoyed the end result. What is wrong with these women? They say the photos are deceitful and are against what they stand for or are trying to say. And what is that? You’ll complain to give yourself more of a spotlight, since I sincerely doubt anyone would even notice the difference? It was a nice photo, before and after the shaping. So what if they shaved off a bit of extra? It made you look better, Crystal, not worse! Get over it!