Macaulay Culkin Reprises Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin is here to revive everyone’s beloved eight-year-old Kevin McCallister from the legendary “Home Alone” series in a new web series titled “DRYVRS.”

Around 25 years ago, “Home Alone” arrived in theaters making Culkin the biggest child star since Shirley Temple. As an adorable blond-haired little boy, he soon became a household name.

Now, 25 years later, he looks nothing like his former self. According to, “Culkin’s hair is long and greasy. He’s thin, even gaunt and appears nothing like the cute kid who stole audiences’ hearts.”

The new series is the creation of Jack Dishel who has been friends with the star for the last five years. Dishel said, “It is a mighty contrast from what he is known for but that’s acting.”

Dishel added that the new series completely blows to pieces the impression that people carry of the young Kevin. He also admits that the new series’ creation happened in the spirit of fun.

In the first episode titled, “Just Me In The House by Myself,” Culkin recounts the horror he went through as a child while rejecting several calls from his mother. He talks about having to fend off his house from “two psychopath home invaders.”

Apparently, his mother and he fell apart after that experience, despite numerous home improvements and repairs to make up for the damage, and they haven’t yet completely reconciled. In the original “Home Alone,” Kevin’s mother goes to great lengths to reunite with her son. However, the adult Kevin obviously paints a completely different picture.

He admits that he still carries the trauma of the experience. As an adult, he constantly smokes cigarettes and talks while appearing all worked up and nervous.

In the first series, he is filling in for his wife who works for an Uber-like car service, DRYVRS.

Dishel told that people watch the movie and wonder what has happened to Culkin not realizing that it is all acting. About his completely different looks, Dishel says, “I don’t know anyone who looks like they did when they were eight.”

However, the adult Culkin has had some real life problems as well. In 2004, he got a plea after getting busted for possessing pot, Xanax and some pain pills.

Khurram Aziz is a freelance writer based out of London, England.