Platelet Rich Plasma Gel Gives New Hope for Hair Loss

Many people can begin to lose their hair as they grow older. While this is more common in men than women, it’s still an embarrassing problem. Luckily there is more help available now than ever before to help reduce the amount of hair loss and in some cases even help regrow hair

Platelet Rich Plasma Gel

This gel is a new treatment for hair loss. The platelet rich plasma gel, referred to as PRP gel, is made from a small amount your own blood that’s drawn from your arm. It’s then mixed with substances to promote the growth of new cells and the healing of old cells. The plasma is then spun around in a special machine to separate it into its different various forms. The gel gets injected into the scalp and will help prevent hair from falling out, while also promoting hair growth and strengthens hair follicles

Currently PRP gel treatment is believed to be most effective for men with thinning hair. It won’t work on a completely bald head to create new hair. Treatments are done approximately two weeks apart and for best results, eight sessions are needed. It’s also been found to be very effective as part of a combination of other hair loss treatments like Minoxidill or other doctor-recommended treatments.


This hair loss treatment normally comes in the form of a liquid that’s applied to the scalp. It works from the inside out to help prevent hair loss and slow baldness, but it doesn’t help with receding hair lines. Many people know this product by the name of Rogaine. But it’s actually used in a number of hair loss treatments like the Vitadil 5A found in Scalp Med.

Natural Treatments

Of course, it isn’t always required to turn to chemicals, pills and other substances. There are a number of natural treatments that can often help with hair loss. Diet plays an important role in hair growth, as it does for most things. If you’re concerned about hair loss, make sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants to allow the body to get the vitamins and minerals that it needs. You should also eat whole grains to get plenty of Vitamin B as well as iron. Healthy oils such as coconut oil can also help prevent hair loss by strengthening hair, increasing blood circulation and providing important nutrients

These are just some of the treatment options available to people that are suffering from hair loss. These treatments have been shown to help stimulate hair growth and reduce hair follicles falling out. Those who haven’t had much success with commercial hair loss treatments may finally have a solution with the new PRP gel therapy.

Veronica Davis
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