Lana Santorelli Gallery: Color and Emotion

Gallery Opening Reception.
Opening Reception

Chelsea continues to blossom into a hub for New Yorkers to experience and shop for fine art. Through October 18, 2008, the Lana Santorelli Gallery presents their latest group of emerging artists in “Falling Away.”

Heayeon Yoon Digital Art.
Heayeon Yoon Digital Art

Heayeon Yoon’s photography of submerged flowers expresses themes of isolation and despair, yet brings forth a wider range of interpretation. Vibrant colors, clarity and shape, textures mood and leaves room for ponder and hope.

Kiseok Kim Oil on Canvas.
Kiseok Kim Oil on Canvas

Kiseok Kim explores the relationship between the Self and the natural world. In “Tree,” man and nature seem to combine and express the complex process of thought and emotion.

Yesterday Passion Oil on Canvas.
Lana’s own Yesterday’s Passion Oil on Canvas

Lana Santorelli’s figurative “Yesterday’s Passion,” resounds with heartfelt feeling. Gallery manager Bess Sobota remarks, “Lana’s work is vivid, fundamental and genuine.”

Natalie Tyler with Bronze Casts.
Natalie Tyler with Bronze Casts

TAKE TIME, appreciate art and culture and check out more of their artwork along with the rest of the exhibit’s artists. The presentation also includes contemporary work by: Natalie Tyler, Jessica Drenk, Joseph Farbrook, James Frazo, Margaret Inga, Songyi Kim and Carol Pfeffer.

lana santorelli gallery

110W 26th Street

New York, NY 10001


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