Kyle Schmid Portrays a 480-Year-Old Vampire

CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): In 2007, there were two shows that were each adapted from a successful book series: dealing with the supernatural battle between good and evil. The first was The Dresden Files , about a Chicago wizard-private investigator; the second was Blood Ties. Described as Buffy, The Vampire Slayer meets Sex & The City, the show is based on the Blood Books franchise from author Tanya Huff.

Season one, released on DVD June 23, features all 13 episodes – including the two-part opener – with a behind the scenes look that contains interviews with the cast and crew, and Tanya Huff as well as a preview of the series. Blood Ties aired on Lifetime for two seasons in 2007, yet episodes can still be found online at its website.

On the show, Kyle Schmid is Henry Fitzroy, a graphic comic book artist who is also a 480-year-old vampire, as he teams up with beautiful ex-cop turned PI Vicki Nelson to solve crimes in Toronto.

GG: Tell us about Kyle Schmid

KS: Jelly Donuts/Cactus Juice/Rubberbands/Goldfish

GG: How and when did you fell in love with acting?

KS: I’ve always enjoyed acting, but I think it was when I started working with a coach out of LA (John Kirby) that I really fell in love with how much introspection acting allows you to have. You can take a character to the end of the world and back…and it’s all in your head. Wild.

GG: Tell us about auditioning for the role of Henry?

KS: I got a script while I was living in LA about a Vampire who becomes wrapped up in the world of crime fighting all because of a woman. It had been a while since anything like that had been made. I loved the character. I auditioned out here in LA for the producers, and then they brought me out to Vancouver to screen test with the other actors testing for Vicki and Mike. The chemistry was great. It’s history from there on out.

GG: Onscreen, you and Dylan Neal (Mike) are romantic rivals for private investigator Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox). What’s the relationship been like off-screen between the three of you?

KS: I had the opportunity to work with two amazing actors. I learn something everyday from Christina and Dylan. We became good friends. It’s an incredible feeling to wake up every morning with a smile, and know you’re going to work to have fun.

GG: Over the years, vampires have been from “Dark Prince” to “Dark Knight”, meaning they’re protectors of humanity yet maintain the “bad boy” persona. So, how would you compare and contrast Henry Fitzroy to the other crime-fighting vampires such as Nick Knight (Forever Knight), Angel, and Mick St. John (Moonlight)? And why do you think there’s a sudden change in vampires going from villain to hero onscreen? (2 parts)

KS: To be honest, I never watched those shows. But in regards to the villain/hero thing, I think most of these shows have been adaptations from novels. Vampires are an alluring mystery. They have traits that are so attractive like living forever and strength or speed, but what I think people have realized is that they have very true human qualities as well. Those qualities, bring the idea of vampires closer to reality for the viewer.

GG: Do people still recognize you from the series?

KS: Yep.

GG: Like myself, fans are craving for more Blood Ties, because the show ended on such an emotional cliffhanger between the Mike/Vicki/Henry triangle. So, we want to know: is the show coming back in the near future?

KS: I think Blood Ties may have run its course. But I think it’s fair to say… that vampires have a way of living a very long time.

GG: When not working, what do you in your spare time?

KS: I write a lot. I’ve written two screenplays in the past six months. I’m really active, I run, play soccer, golf, surf, shoot hoops…I do something to get my blood going every day.

GG: I recently saw you in an episode of CSI: Miami. Is there anything else in the works right now?

KS: I have three films coming over the course of the next year. The Thaw, which is a very cool isolation thriller; Deep Cove, a horror with a wonderful ensemble cast of actors that I love. And finally, my first over-the-top comedy called Gravytrain, which is a spoof on 70’s cops in a small town trying to catch a killer named “Jimmy Fish Eyes”. Funny stuff.

GG: For the ladies out there: are you single?

KS: Probably.

GG: Thank you so much, Kyle!

Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.