Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb Attack Possible PR Stunt

Reality star Kim Kardashian was flour bombed with baking flour by an unknown female assailant on the the red carpet last night here in Hollywood, reports Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel. The celebrity was launching her new perfume, “True Reflection.”

Minutes after the incident, after being covered in flour from head to toe, Kim Kardashian returned to the red carpet, laughing it off, stating, “I told my make up artist I needed some more powder!” and smiling big for the cameras.

Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel states, “I don’t know many actresses, or many men for that matter, that could have a bunch of flour deliberately dumped on them in public and not be majorly upset about it, and then return later, laugh about it, and not want to press charges.” He continues, either Kim Kardashian is majorly calm, cool and collected, or, it was a P.R. stunt that succeeded in getting her even more attention, because right now, every major news outlet – including ours- is talking about it.”

He continues, “If Kim’s team didn’t stage the flour bomb, then she is a true class act for handling the situation as a total pro. Regardless, she is successful at being a celebrity for the sake of celebrity, and people that spend their time and energy hating on her really need to get a life.”