Josh Groban Honors Walter Reed Hospital Soldiers in Sacramento Concert


Josh Groban walked the crowd from the back of the second floor of the Sacramento Kings stadium to the stage and the near-capacity crowd loved it.

At 26 years old, Josh is a wonderful entertainer and a remarkably unaffected young man, loved by fans young and old. The crowd, from late teens to gray haired grandparents soaked up every second of his offering.

This “Awake Tour” visit to Sacramento comes nine years after his “discovery” in Sacramento at age 17.

At one point, Josh sat on the edge of the stage, signing the hands of fans and told us he recently visited the Walter Reed Hospital to see the injured men and women who serve our country. The crowd showed their appreciation of his efforts for our heroes. He dedicated his song “Awake” to the soldiers.

Josh Groban
Josh Groban

For “Awake,” Josh Groban wrote and produced songs along with contributions from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Dave Matthews and others.

Groban recently commented, “I learned from touring that my fans are really open-minded, musical, intelligent people and I feel like they want to come on this new journey with me. The music still sounds like it’s coming from my heart and my soul and my voice. That is always the most important thing to me. My goal on “Awake” was to create the music and find the best people to help me create it.” [Josh Groban]

Ending the concert, Josh appeared wearing a massive Kings 07 basketball shirt and with a gospel choir, definitely a night to remember and added incentive for his fans to continue their adoring attention and journey with him.

Josh’s concert is a show not to be missed, if you have the chance, pull out all the stops and be there.

For me, a very pleasant surprise was Josh’s tribute to the soldiers, because I was just in Washington DC, interviewing Susan Warren, who visits Bethesda Naval Hospital and sends weekly care packages to Iraq.

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