It’s My Birthday!!! Pete Allman Celebrates Birthday with Many Friends

Right after I returned from the historic week in the Mile High City of Denver, where Barack Obama was nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, making history in more ways than one, my birthday celebration was held. Hawaiian Tropic Zone in the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008, was a night to remember.

Among my guests were some of the most spellbinding and audience pleasing entertainers ever to perform on the Las Vegas Strip and national stage. The best part is that they are real down-to-earth people who care about our society, community and the state of the nation.

It’s easy to call so many of them true friends. We talked a little politics, but the night was all about the celebration of life and expanding friendships.

I thoroughly enjoyed the party, along with my special guest, San Dei English-Anderson, Mrs. Las Vegas America 2008, who looked stunning as usual with her grace, countenance and inner and visual beauty, topped by the winner’s tiara. She is a prophet and author, speaking words from Divine inspiration. I’m glad she shares the birth month with me.

She was accompanied by her husband, Dr. Don Anderson, and two stunningly beautiful young women – goddaughter Vavre and her friend Vanessa – who both made the evening more beautiful. Pictures don’t lie, and they were truly lovely with the brightest smiles.

Enjoy the photos thanks to Parker Philpot, a freelance news writer, photographer and editor for, for being “on the scene” with her camera. Visit the gallery and take a little time to visit some of my favorite links to find out more about my guests, their activities and several of the most outstanding shows in Las Vegas. Catch some of the action videos on my blog, too. (See the links below).

Before I write about the fun and the fabulous guests who came to support my celebration, I must top my thanks list with my gratitude to Rick Appling of Appling Productions. Rick, thanks for being the person you are. No matter what you had going on in your own life, you kept other people’s needs in your mind and heart. We missed you and thanks for your support. God Bless you.

Let get the party started!

Dixie Dooley, master magician and illusionist who performed Houdini-like escape tricks for my guests, was incredible as he wowed the group with a handcuff and chain escape trick within inches of our table. How did he get his wrists out of that, right before our very eyes?!

Dixie set the tone for the camaraderie and festivity of the night.

Next, a political satire performance amused us. But then, singer-impressionist Larry G. Jones “Man of a Thousand Voices” never fails to amaze everyone with his mastery of more voices and personas than you can count. He headlines his own energetic show at the Royal Hotel and Casino on Convention Center Drive at Las Vegas Blvd. and performs dozens of voices, faces and overall impressions from Willie Nelson to Patti LaBelle. And his personal story of triumph over adversity is a true testimony of his faith in God and his love for life.

The opening act for the “Larry G. Jones Show,” Brian Hoffman, who skillfully delivers “A Tribute to Red Skelton,” also came to my party. He has a physical resemblance to the beloved comedian and fine artist, but Brian’s perfect comedic timing, subtle humor and ability to recreate Clem Kadiddlehopper and other Skelton-fan favorites captivates audiences. I’m grateful they both took time to celebrate with me.

During the course of the evening, T. Fox, along with his veteran performer mother, “Mama Fox,” and his agile dancing wife, Imani Fox, energized the whole room. T. Fox is a terrific singer, dancer, comic and more! His long-running show in Las Vegas recently opened at Trader Vic’s. The show is full of classic songs with a modern flair, skits, dancers and much more.

When T. Fox took the mic to lead the whole room in a birthday song for me, it was clear how he controls a room and pumps up the fun. He knows how to keep an audience in the palm of his hand, and he delivers 100 percent to them.

Jazzy Mama Fox and Imani danced the night away and got my guests and me up on our feet, and we really got down!!! It was as if the Disco Era was reborn but with a modern beat.

Michael Johns, who headlines the longest running Strip show featuring a hypnotist, also attended, along with Terry Stokes Jr., son of magician Terry Stokes. Johns didn’t hypnotize anyone at the party – that I know of, that is – but I’m still entranced that we had so much fun with Terry and Michael. They added to the overall joy for me.

Another great singer and overall entertainer with a huge following, Art Vargas, who recently returned from Branson, Mo., attended with his beautiful companion and did something creative and thoughtful, and I want to say a special thanks to him.

Super entertainers and musical talent was plentiful.

Among my guests were consummate singers and songwriters. Sultry Kristy “Love” Brooks of The Platters and her show “A Tribute to the Divas” was a delightful treat. Sidney Barnes of P. Funk’s George Clinton fame and former lead of the hot 70s group Rotary Connection (with revered songbird Minnie Ripperton) recently relocated to Las Vegas. Greaz Dillon, Sage Melodee, and other members of The Love Band added to the spirit of the party.

T. Fox, a top-flight showman known as the “Spirit of the Strip,” led the birthday song getting the whole room going. He is the best at getting the audience in the palm of his hand, and they are always glad he does.

Parker and Mama Fox, the new Jazzy Blues Sisters met at the birthday party.
Parker and Mama Fox, the new Jazzy Blues Sisters met at the birthday party. Photo by Parker Philpot

Other music industry professionals included Kapp Ivory, of Kappland Productions and his lovely wife, Rachel Kapp. There was even an up and coming rap group that filled out the list of great guests having a great time.

Fashion promoter Malcolm McConnell and Carleen Gordon added their style. Advice columnist Dr. Adele Z.Z. Zorn, who offers tips and insight on relationships and love, helped me close out the evening, and I thank her and every single person who came for being a part of the celebration.

I’ll never forget the evening.


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Pete is also a restaurant critic, broadcast personality and celebrity interviewer. He produces inspirational messages for television and other media.

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