How to Be a Winner in Life

Why People Fail

Why do people continue to repeat thought processes and behaviors over and over again knowing it will result in a negative experience? The answer to this will amaze you. Before I tell you “why” this occurs, please allow me to explain some unique things about this phenomenon.

Overcoming Thoughts That Keep You Stuck in Life

With my discovery of the Mental Codes – Overcoming Thoughts That Keep You Stuck in Life, I identified multiple negative thought patterns and behaviors people possess. During my research, I became intrigued with the repeating patterns of failure in people’s lives.

Repeating Negative Patterns

I observed success and failure have specific thought and behavior patterns. The amazing part of this observation was how most people choose to embrace or hold onto the negative patterns of failure rather than changing for a more successful existence. I knew there was a simple explanation to this ironic cycle in human beings.


Some test subjects shared how they always had money problems and could never really get a grip on wealth accumulation. Regardless of the amount of knowledge acquired on the subject, these individuals always found a way to stay “broke.”

Other test subjects shared how they always found painful or bad relationships. No matter how hard they tried, their relationships always ended in heartbreak.

The list could go on an on. From employment dilemmas to health issues; from bad investments to people taking advantage of them, all of these things are related to the individual’s Mental Codes.

The Mental Codes

If a person doesn’t change the Mental Codes that are creating the same thing over and over again in life, then the cycle will continue perpetually. Regardless of what you say or do, the negative thought processes will surface to a reality in the individual’s life.

So, why wouldn’t a person be willing to change the thought processes to create a better existence? The reason is simple. People get used to things, even negative things. These negative things become a reference for reality. In turn, if a person changes the negative things (or people) in their lives, they no longer have a reference for their reality. In other words, the person can’t relate to their own lives.

Failure is a Habit

That’s right. People actually get used to the misery they create with their thinking, to the degree that they choose to hold onto it. These good hearted people will actually justify reasons for keeping the negative things in their lives. Sound minded individuals have tried to convince me that it was something outside of their own thinking that created hardships in their lives.

Now, I would say we aren’t the sole creators of our lives, but I would say we are the co-creators and this is what “free will” is referring to. Each and every one of us plays a major role in creating our existence and when something occurs that we can’t relate to, we change it.

The problem is most people will change even the positive experiences in life into something negative if they only relate to the Negative Mental Codes. The positive experiences can actually be uncomfortable to the point of pain for someone who is “wired” only for negativity.

Yes, some people, who are accustomed to negative experiences in life, actually cherish them to the point of calling it “reality.” These individuals can’t handle it when things go good.

Have you ever noticed someone who was broke, received a flood of cash into life and spent all the new found money? Now, the individual may be more financially burdened than before the flood of cash came in. Actually, this person wanted to stay broke and worked hard at spending the money to make sure prosperity didn’t occur. Even knowing the principles of wealth accumulation, many people fall into this cycle of poverty throughout their entire lives. It is more comfortable for these people to struggle financially than to do the right things and become wealthy.

Success is a Habit

What about the person who goes from one bad relationship to another and then finds someone who treats her really well? What do you think happens in this scenario? You’re right; she gets rid of the nice guy because she can’t relate to someone treating her well. She finds enough things wrong with “Mr. Right” to justify ending the relationship. This way, she makes room for the next “Mr. Wrong.” Again, it is more comfortable for this person to struggle with negative relationships than to enjoy the benefits of a good one.

Oh, we can go on an on but I think you’re starting to get the point. Isn’t it time you started to look at your repeating life patterns and recognize – you’re making these things happen over and over again?

You have a choice. Either take responsibility for “thinking” your negative life cycles into existence and make the necessary corrections. Or, continue repeating the same challenges throughout this lifetime.

Thoughts are Things

As the Nobel Peace Prize Winner and former President of Egypt, Anwar al-Sadat once said, “He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality.”

As a Social Scientist, I understand what President Sadat was saying. We are the Gate Keepers of our mind, and our lives are the screens for which our thoughts are projected. If you don’t like the movie on your screen of life, get busy changing the thoughts you’re projecting. In turn, you’ll change whats showing.

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