Hollywood’s True Story of David And Goliath

There are tales of make believe in the land of dreams-and then there are tales of true life stories, that can prove to be more entertaining than the fiction of the silver screen. News has leaked today in fact that Hollywood does have an untold, modern day story of David vs. Goliath in the movie industry- concerning one man – formerly Hollywood’s best kept secret- now a face with a name we can connect the facts to- and he appears to be taking tinsel town by storm. His name is Mr. Shawn A. Sequeira, of a company called SAS Movies, and he hails from a small town in central Kentucky, where people leave there front doors unlocked and where Daisy Dukes are not just a fashion trend- they are a way of life in the land of rolling prairies that give the American Heartland its’ name. Shawn A. Sequeira left this world of small town folk and came to Hollywood with a unique vision to change the values of the film industry- one person at a time.


However, bringing Christian values to an overall secular industry that often shows bad deeds going unpunished, was not taken too kindly by some of the major film studios. And yet Mr. Shawn A. Sequeira (SAS), shortly infiltrated the industry by taking on 27 current feature films without any desire to chase the spotlight that many in Hollywood so desperately crave. As a result, SAS Movies has become one of the most popular silent investors in new motion pictures, without being dependent on any major studio. He also made it happen without any smoke and mirror games that many others who forgo faith for a following often resort to.

Currently, SAS Movies is fully independent from all other major studios. Owning all of the studio amenities, with all of the current state of the art equipment needed in producing feature films, Shawn A. Sequeira has clearly set himself apart as a visionary in the business of silent investment. His services include top of the line equipment leasing from green screen, honey wagons, sounds stages, big rigs, and more, studio rental services, and the ultimate actoral and below the line talent required in the successful production of feature films.

SAS Movies is currently building from the ground up, an entire movie town in Kentucky to bring feature films in to the state, and to become a world leader in the production of motion picture, as it will produce film, television and video for a fraction of the cost it may take elsewhere.

Famed inventor, author, architect, and engineer Richard Buckminster Fuller stated that one can “never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,” he stated,

one needs to “build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Mr. Shawn A. Sequeira is brilliantly doing just that. He may not make Hollywood obsolete- but he is certainly winning a spiritual and Earthly battle with Hollywood he has endured by standing up for his Christian values and doing what he feels is right; bringing better values back in to the film industry. And this time- he’s not playing by Hollywood’s rules of the game- because he not only made up his own game- he owns it.


To learn more about SAS movies, visit: www.SASmovies.com

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