Hollywood Sentinel Spring 2012 Music Issue Features Interviews With Music Stars

The Hollywood Sentinel releases its spring music issue today, featuring exclusive interviews with Capitol Records recording artist Susan Justice, EMI/Virgin Records recording artists Nervo, Nickelodeon Stars Nat and Alex Wolff, a special on the blockbuster film The Hunger Games, and much more.

In the issue, exclusive interviews with the music stars are released for the first time ever, where fans of Susan Justice learn the truth behind her new hit song, Nickelodeon stars Nat and Alex Wolff reveal what they think about school bullying, and Australian DJ superstars Liv and Mim of Nervo discuss drug use and the rave scene among more.


Also, readers will discover new ideas concerning The Hunger Games, the latest art scene happening in Los Angeles by artist and writer Moira Cue, and for parents- How Kids Can Succeed In Hollywood by talent manager Bruce Edwin, among much more. The site is read by many of the top stars in the world, and features ‘only the good news.’ And now, you can read it here too, for free. Visit the site at the link here below.

The site will be promoted to over 1 million viewers over the next 30 days, as it launches later this week on its syndicate site NewsBlaze, and is promoted via radio, social media, and e-mail. It will further add a special surprise for fans of The Hunger Games later this weekend. For advertising opportunities on the world renowned site, contact Tel / fax: 310-226-7176.