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tom cruise
Tom Cruise

Hollywood Sentinel – Breaking News

Tom Cruise is rumored to be in negotiations to reprise his role of Maverick in “Top Gun II” for Paramount. Sounds cool.

Hats off to TV star Patrick Dempsey who rescued a teen who crashed his car onto Dempsey’s front lawn. Patrick rushed out with a crowbar in hand, and pried the young driver out of the car. Fortunately, the kid’s allright.

Kudos to Universal for suing lame parasite prodco. Asylum. The loser company is in the business of making cheap knock off’s of successful films, with D-list talent, shoddy production, and similar titles to the real film. Companies like Asylum should be raked over the coals for their pathetic thefts due to having zero artistic creativity and originality, attempting to profit at the expense of real artists and real creators. Get em’ Universal!

Hammer Films has bought rights to the story of the Winchester House, the reportedly haunted mansion in NoCal. where last lived the gun manufacturers wife Sarah Winchester, who claimed the house was haunted with the souls of dead gun victims – after she got fed the news by a wacky psychic who convinced her that if she built room after room added on to the house for the ghosts for as long as she would live, they would leave her alone. She created hallways that led to nowhere, doors that opened up to drop offs many stories high (the house is seven storeys tall), windows that looked out to other bedrooms, and stairs that led to ceilings, and more. The creepy house will be filmed by the company for the movie, the first time it has been filmed reportedly for a feature (aside from documentaries).

Congrats to the comrades who broke free Chen Guangcheng – one of the most renowned Chinese dissidents who was under house arrest in Red China for daring to criticize the despotic government there. Assisted by an underground network of human rights activists, the freedom fighter evaded the oppressors of freedom yesterday. He is rumored to be getting help from the American Embassy. Take that, commie tyrants!

Starpower Management is taking requests from models to walk a special red carpet event on May 4th, 2012. Models, inquire at 310-226-7176 or e-mail name and photo here.


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