Hollyweird! 5: Basket of Deplorables! Trump / Hillary Comedy

Webisode Now Live Starring Phoebe Price and Moira Cue

Hollyweird 5 basket of deplorables.Phoebe Price and Moira Cue star in “Hollyweird 5: The Basket of Deplorables!” A comedic look at Trump’s shocking win; confronting topics ranging from the Billy Bush tape, Muslim discrimination, and George Soros among more.
“Hollyweird!” landed on the world wide web exactly one year ago, with its debut episode starring Lindsay Lohan’s father Michal Lohan. Michael Lohan will soon return for future episodes.

Serious Social Commentary Underneath Wild Comedy

“Hollyweird!” is the new, ongoing webisode, about living and working in Hollywood. Partly scripted, and part documentary, the online comedy is distributed free on www.HollywoodSentinel.com, and on YouTube, among other outlets. The new show is bipartisan – equally making fun of both sides of the crazy political spectrum in good sport.

Episode #5 of the comedy “Hollyweird!” returns with its wild, zany, slapstick humor, starring sexy Phoebe Price – known for her provocative, racy outfits and daring poses, and with Moira Cue, recognized for her cutting edge art and music.

Starring Phoebe Price

Phoebe Price has appeared on many of the biggest red carpets, and along side many of the biggest stars in the world, at events including The Oscars, the Golden Globes, The Emmys, The Grammys, Cannes Film Festival, and hundreds more. A fearless, daring, and outspoken talent, Phoebe’s gutsy personality, combined with her Southern charm, makes her one of the media’s favorites; a sexy tabloid darling.

Starring Moira Cue

Moira Cue has starred singing on stages including The Mint, The Viper Room, The Tempest, and The Knitting Factory, among more. A prolific artist, whose art works are in the collections of numerous stars including Madonna, Moira Cue has also appeared on many T.V. shows, and will be appearing in a new feature film, shooting next summer. Regularly walking top Hollywood red carpets, Moira Cue’s music has appeared in the motion picture “Pool Time” as well as “Hollyweird!” Episode #1. Moira has also appeared in the films “The Extra” and “Visitor From Planet Omicron,” among more. Moira Cue co-starred opposite Michael Lohan in the debut of the webisodic comedy, “Hollyweird!” #1.

Created by Bruce Edwin

Written by Starpower Management CEO and Hollywood Sentinel founding publisher Bruce Edwin, “Hollyweird!” gives viewers a funny, and surprising rotating cast of characters including real working agents, managers, producers, directors, casting directors, publicists, musicians, fashion models, and T.V. and film stars, among more.

“Hollyweird!” writer and producer Bruce Edwin began his Hollywood career in the 90’s, with the publication of his own rock music and film publication; subnormal magazine. Bruce later founded Starpower Management LLC in Chicago, and later in Los Angeles, representing Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, among many fashion models and other stars. In addition to “Hollyweird!” Bruce Edwin is also currently in pre-production on numerous feature films.

Directed by Jessica Gallant

Directed by Award Winning cinematographer and director Jessica Gallant, whose work has been praised by Variety, “Hollyweird!” is filmed on location in Beverly Hills, California. Moira Cue and Phoebe Price both wear hats designed by Phoebe Price Designs in the new episode. Moira also wears a dress by international fashion designer Miguel Torres.

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