Gone With The Wind’s Ann Rutherford Gone But Not Forgotten

FOX NEWS reported that actress Ann Rutherford, 94, died from heart complications on June 11, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.

Ann Rutherford Remembered

Fans remember Rutherford as a radio, TV and film actress. They especially remembered her as Carreen, Scarlett O’Hara’s sister in the American Classic, Gone with the Wind (1939).

Gone with the Wind
Gone with the Wind poster

Ann Rutherford’s Entertainment Background

Wiki states that Ann Rutherford was a Canadian-American actress who had a long career starring and co-starring in films. Some of her other acting roles were Polly Benedict on the big screen of the 1930s and 1940s in the Andy Hardy series, and Newhart’s mother-in-law on The Bob Newhart Show, among many others!

Friends and Fans Remember Ann Rutherford

Surrounded by fans and friends on November 2, 2002, Rutherford celebrated her 85th birthday at a luncheon in Beverly Hills. Neither Evelyn Keyes (1916-2008), then suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, nor Olivia de Havilland, two of her surviving Gone with the Wind co-stars, were able to attend.

Fan, Betty Jane Keene, 89, was happy to share her memories of Ms Rutherford.

“I don’t exactly remember the year I attended Gone with the Wind, I guess sometime in the early 1940s. I was a teenager, but I remember being there and being excited about seeing this big movie everyone was talking about. Back then, seeing a movie was a big deal!

Personally I always thought Ann Rutherford was a beautiful girl and a good actress. I also remember seeing her in other films and on television shows, but I remember her best in Gone with the Wind!”