Golden Globe Winner and Cast of Women get Spotlight in Hit Sci Fi Comedy

A delightful, light hearted comedy fit for all ages, “The Visitor From Planet Omicron” was shot in Hollywood, California in a record breaking eleven days. A touching, sweet, and charming, campy space comedy with a dynamic cast including Golden Globe Award winner Sally Kirkland among more, this film is finally getting the global attention it deserves.

Producers of the motion picture “The Visitor from Planet Omicron” have just announced the films’ online world premiere on Vimeo On Demand, online movie portal. The quirky, campy, PG-rated feature length science fiction film features Oscar nominated Sally Kirkland, Moira Cue (Pool Time), Inge Jaklin (Hogan’s Heroes) and Internet sensation GloZell Green, and is being distributed globally by KinoNation dot com who selected Vimeo on Demand as Omicron’s first online platform.

Omicron MoviePoster

Family Friendly Film

A PG-rated science fiction comedy for all ages, The Visitor from Planet Omicron is a quirky, warm-hearted comedy about an unlikely friendship between a shut-in widow (Frieda) who acts as a foster mother to a wayward young alien (Yorkie). Despite her age, Frieda travels to another planet to confront Yorkie’s alien’s boss; a corporate villain.

Featuring Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland

The independent film features Oscar nominated Sally Kirkland in a major role. Women are empowered to achieve new heights at any age. Omicron’s lively, broad comedy gives rise to wild, campy space costumes, visits by handsome young aliens, cute alien Omicronians (Moira Cue,) and fiery-eyed, flamboyant, fascist governors, all put in their places by a gutsy widow from Arizona.

A Strong Female Driven Cast

Omicron challenges the male-dominated science fiction genre. Frieda Cloiselle, played by Hogan’s Heroes’ Inge Jaklin, is a shut-in senior and widow who breaks out of her shell to help the young alien thwart his evil boss. Inge Jaklin, who in real life was Miss Austria 1962, plays Frieda, a widow who confronts the alien’s evil boss head-on. Omicron’s conniving Grand Potentate, played by actor Tom Tangen, has eyes that breathe fire, and has intimidated his entire planet into submission.

Sally Kirkland: Jen

Staunchly liberal acting veteran with trademark blonde locks, Sally Kirkland has a celebrated career in film, and an Oscar nomination for the title role in Anna. Born in New York City, Sally began her career on the off-Broadway circuit and trained with Lee Strasberg in the 1960s, moved to Los Angeles and appeared in classics including The Sting (1973) and Private Benjamin (1980). She also appeared in the TV soap opera, General Hospital in 1982, and Falcon Crest in 1983, along with numerous other television and film credits including JFK, and Bruce Almighty. Sally has been a supporter of independent film with over 120 film appearances, and in her 60’s she shows no sign of letting up.

Inge Jaklin: Frieda

Inge Jaklin was Miss Austria in the Miss International Beauty pageant of 1962, and played Anna Manheim in the classic comedy television series Hogan’s Heroes, opposite Bob Crane. She appeared in the classic Hollywood films It Takes a Thief, and In Like Flynt. Recently, Inge appeared in Among the Rugged Peaks which documented the life of her friend and fellow actress Carla Laemmle, who danced in the original Phantom of the Opera and appeared in Dracula. Together, they recently appeared in Mansion of Blood, a horror feature starring Gary Busey. Mansion of Blood is scheduled for release in 2013.

Omicron MoiraCue

Moira Cue: Hyphae

Actress, writer, singer, and fine artist, Moira Cue has performed on stage at legendary clubs including The Viper Room, The Knitting Factory, and The Mint among more. With art work in the collection of pop stars including Madonna, Moira’s latest show was held at Los Angeles’ esteemed Bruce Lurie Gallery lat year. Moira appeared in the indie film “Pool Time,” also with Tom Tangen and Michael Donahue, and is next set to star in her own upcoming webisode that will be shooting this year. Moira plays the lovable and laughable Hyphae in “The Visitor From Planet Omicron.”

Tom Tangen: Grand Potentate, Executive Producer

Tom has acted in such well known films as “Donnie Darko” with Jake Gyllenhaal and “No Strings Attached” opposite Ashton Kutcher. Born in Jackson, Minnesota, he attended The University of Wisconsin-River Falls. His debut film was “Purple Rain” (1984). He was the founder of the St. Croix Valley Actors Theatre and also The Los Angeles Actors Coalition. Tom produced the science fiction adventure “Surge of Power,” the documentary “Among the Rugged Peaks,” and “The Visitor from Planet Omicron” where he also acted the role of inter-planetary fascist Grand Potentate. Tom is a veteran on the silver screen with numerous big-budget and small independent films to his credit, working in front of and behind the camera. Most recently, Tom produced and starred in the Gary Busey horror film “Mansion of Blood.”

Daniel Long: Yorkie

Daniel recently graduated from a Midwestern university where he played college league football. An actor in Los Angeles for the past three years, Daniel has appeared in independent short films including “Dumman’s Palace,” and the feature film “Book of 1000 Deaths.” He is also working on producing his own work.

Michael Donahue: Director

A Director’s Guild member, Michael Donahue has directed, co-directed and written numerous independent feature films. He was director of the independent science fiction feature “Surge of Power,” and writer / director on the independent feature “Pooltime.” He also wrote and directed the comedy feature “The Extra,” and the Gary Busey horror feature “Mansion of Blood.” Michael directed the science fiction comedy “The Visitor from Planet Omicron,” during an amazingly fast eleven day shoot in Hollywood, California.

Rent or purchase The Visitor From Planet Omicron at Amazon dot com, or Vimeo on Demand.