Go Now: Network Renewed Both Smallville & Supernatural for Another Season

Hello, there! It is time once again to Go Now to the addictive world of entertainment, so let’s get this party started, shall we?

  • The CW will continue to fight the good fight every Thursday night, as the network renewed both Smallville and Supernatural for another season. Also up for another season are Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model, and One Tree Hill, but no word yet on whether star Chad Michael Murray is coming back for season seven.
  • Shows such as the freshman Privileged and Girlfriends spinoff The Game are in the bubble, and TV Guide has recently stated that Everybody Hates Chris may not be expected to return for a fifth season, as it has enough episodes to be in syndication, as the sitcom will also be part of Nick at Nite’s line-up next fall.
  • Back to sow wild oats and raise Hell, Reaper picks off where it left off last May — with the possibility that Sam (Bret Harrison) could be the son of Satan (Ray Wise) himself. The cult show’s second season starts with Sam and his friends fired from the Work Bench, evicted from their apartment, and his relationship with Andi on the rocks. Reaper‘s second season premieres tonight at 8pm on the CW Network. And remember that season one is available on DVD.

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