Go Now: The Man, The Hat, The Whip, The Ford — The Legend

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The Man, The Hat, The Whip, The Ford — The Legend

Almost twenty years since his Last Crusade, Indy is back in action once again. Harrison Ford returns as the humble professor turned heroic adventurer in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Karen Allen, who was Indy’s love interest in 1981’s Raiders of The Lost Ark, returns for this highly-anticipated fourth installment, with Shia LaBeouf on board as her son and Indy’s new sidekick.

So far, reviews have been good, so check out ours here at Newsblaze. But in the meantime, get into the excitement and fun, with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, playing in theatres worldwide today.

Someone at Seattle Grace is another year old — and will get a kiss onscreen

Brooke Smith has two reasons to celebrate. Not only is today her birthday, but she and her Russian cinematographer husband Steve Lubensky have recently adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia several weeks. The new member of the family, Lucy Dinknesh Lubensky, joined big sister Franny, 5.

The actress, 42, has had recurring roles on shows such as Crossing Jordan and Grey’s Anatomy, of which she’s now a cast member. Her tough-as-nails character, Dr. Erica Hahn, will be smooching with someone on staff in the two-hour fourth season finale — but it’s not with McDreamy nor McSteamy. Who? Watch for yourself tonight at 9pm on ABC. Happy Birthday, Brooke and congrats on your new little girl.

There Can Only Be One David: The Final Chapter

Well, the votes are in, and you made your choice. You picked 25-year-old David Cook as the next American Idol. That came as a shock to everyone, who predicted that favorite 17-year-old David Archuleta would win this season. It was close, as Dave C. won by a landslide margin of a dozen million votes out of almost a record-breaking 97.5 million votes by the viewers.

Despite a decline in ratings, the season-seven finale finished strong at with an average of over 30 million people watching the two-hour event last night. Congrats David Cook, and many more successes for you to come — and to your brother for next season.

Martin Kelly was 42. His family has my sympathies

Sadly, in other news, the husband of actress Natascha McElhone passed away two days ago. It has been stated that Martin Kelly, plastic surgeon to the stars, apparently suffered a heart attack in his London home. According to The Mirror, he was rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. The couple has two children, and McElhone is expecting their third. She has already flown back to London with sons Theodore and Otis. If you would like to send your love to Natascha and her family, send a comment or note online at TV Guide.

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