Go Now: Fugitives, Villains, and Heroes

It is time once again to Go Now to the addictive world of entertainment, so let’s get started shall we?

  • They’ve saved the cheerleader called Claire, battle Villains and lukewarm ratings, and recently become Fugitives — yet Heroes will be able to continue fighting the good fight to save the world next fall. TV Guide has reported that NBC Entertainment President Angela Bromstad has told The Hollywood Reporter the live-action comic book series is likely to be renewed for a fourth season but the pick-up for episodes has yet to be discussed.
  • Sadly, the shadowy flight of Knight Rider 2008 has come to an abrupt end, according to what sources said to TV Guide Thursday afternoon. Despite a complete overhaul and upgrade in cast and storyline in tracing back to its original roots, the series didn’t gain enough traction in the ratings. However, the people of Knight Rider Online are determined to make sure that Knight Rider rises like the Phoenix for a second season, as their campaign has been picking up stream. So, if you’re a fan of Knight Rider and believe that one man can make a difference, then join in the lone crusade at http://knightrideronline.com/knight_rider_2008/campaign/

    Nightly TV Listings

  • At 10pm on USA Network is the finale of the hit action-comedy series Burn Notice, which has been renewed for next season. Tonight’s season finale finds blacklisted op Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) finally coming face to face with the one who burned him and what happens next could put the lives of his family and friends in danger now more than ever.

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