Go Now: Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress

Hello, again. This is Garrett Godwin, and it is time to Go Now. It is here at Newsblaze that you get the latest on the addictive world that we all know and love so much as the world of entertainment. On this special edition, I’m here to give the nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress for the 35th Daytime Emmy Awards as well as the predictions and snubs. Ready to keep up? Let’s go!

Here are The Nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress:

Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily, As The World Turns)

Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold & The Beautiful)

Judi Evans (Bonnie/Adrienne, Days of Our Lives)

Gina Tognoni (Dinah, Guiding Light)

Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, The Young & The Restless)

Predictions: Before leaving, returning, and coming back as two different people, Evans did amazing work. Her lovable yet over-the-top character, Bonnie Lockhart has lied, cheat, and steal to get what she wants to provide for herself and her family. But when necessary, Bonnie has shown true family love — even if it meant going to prison to protect her daughter.

Snubs: Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, One Life to Live) should be on this list, for her understated performance as a woman who killed an evil man to protect an innocent child from another dangerous man — not to mention the fact that she faked insanity to escape jail time. Lesile Charleson (General Hospital), another daytime veteran, should also be nominated. Her character, Dr. Monica Quartermaine, fell off the wagon, as she’s been in danger of losing everything after the death of her daughter. And speaking of Emily, Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily, GH) should also get a nod, as her character proved that true love never dies.

Well, that is all the time we have here. But remember that the 35th Annual Daytime Awards will be broadcasted at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles two weeks from Friday on June 20th at 8pm on ABC. Tickets are on sale now. Also remember to post your comments on the nominations, your predictions, and your snubs at the Soaps section online at TV Guide.

I’m Garrett Godwin, and I have to Go Now once again, so I’ll see you later.

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