Folsom Antique Fair Coming Soon

Local antique collectors and visitors will be joined by antique enthusiasts from Northern and Central California when the Folsom Historic District Association hosts their 42nd Spring Antique Fair on Sunday, April 20. Thousands of shoppers will fill the four-block historic district for this popular event. Many longtime collectors start their search early by flashlight. Avoid parking hassles! Free Light Rail tickets compliments of Regional Transit will be available from participating Sutter Street Merchants beginning April 1st. Tickets will also be available the day of the event at the Iron Point, Glenn and Hazel Stations.

Sunday, April 20 – 42nd Spring Antique Fair

Sunday, September 21 – 41st Antique Peddlers Fair

Saturday, December 6 (rain date of Sunday, December 7) – Annual Arts & Craft Fair

Folsom Antique Fairs Under New Management By Twin Bridges Antique Productions

What excites many collectors who visit our Antique Fairs,” says Carole Berry, Event Coordinator, “is the “thrill-of-the-hunt” for an overlooked treasure, the discovery of a piece needed to complete a collection, or the chance to have an extensive selection of quality pieces, all in one place, from jewelry to glassware to furniture . . . its like going shopping at many stores in many cities over many days.” Berry was hired in 2004 by the Sutter Street Merchants’ Association to promote their antiques and collectibles events. Her business, Twin Bridges Antique Productions, has promoted antique shows at indoor shopping centers and to benefit various service organizations throughout Northern and Central California for twenty-five years.

“As the new Event Coordinator for Folsom’s antique fairs,” says Carole Berry, “I wanted to get as much feedback as possible from dealers and collectors on the direction we should go with future events, so I conducted a survey after the April, 2004 Show. I learned that dealers and collectors want “just antiques and collectibles.” While many acknowledge the popularity of arts and crafts, they prefer a separate event. Collectors coming from the Bay Area or the Wine Country for the show say they don’t want to bother coming for a show that has antiques and collectibles plus arts and crafts. The majority of dealers and collectors do not want reproductions or new merchandise in the shows. We came up with an age limit of twenty years which will be enforced. Most want to allow items that support the industry, such as plate stands, restoration products, reference books, display cases, etc., and are okay with allowing a limited number of items crafted from antiques (i.e., ring trees or ornaments from glass or silver, refashioned jewelry, pillows from old quilts) so long as they are clearly marked. My survey of dealers produced some noteworthy comments which guided me in clarifying merchandise policies for this event, such as this comment from a 20-plus-year Folsom dealer: “New and craft item dealers are allowed to rent spaces in order to fill shows. Soon antique buyers don’t bother attending as they have less to buy, then quality dealers don’t make enough money to warrant their time and booth rental money, a vicious cycle. New merchandise ruins antiques shows.”

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