Filmmaker Ed Meyer Tells Jennifer Lopez Lawyer to Cease and Desist

Filmmaker Ed Meyer today told NewsBlaze that a cease and desist letter was sent to JLo Lawyers, in response to their cease and desist letter. JLo’s lawyers want to shut down a film about JLo’s life with Ojani Noa, her first husband, a waiter and model.

Meyer said the film, “How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J-lo and and Ojani Noa Story,” is a “mockumentary,” currently in casting. It chronicles Ojani Noa’s story, a Cuban immigrant who pursued Lopez.

Noa married Lopez in 1997 and was divorced in 1998. Noa was working in a Miami restaurant when he met Lopez, and he says Lopez cheated him out of a fair divorce settlement.

About Ojani Noa

In 2006, Noa started writing a tell-all book about Lopez, but Lopez obtained an injunction in 2007 that prevents Noa “Selling, licensing, disseminating, distributing, publishing, broadcasting, exploiting or attempting to sell, license, disseminate, distribute, publish, broadcast or exploit for monetary gain any book manuscript or other written materials which contain private or intimate details about Plaintiff or Noa’s relationship with Plaintiff.”

Jennifer Lopez (file photo)

The Lopez Cease and Desist letter, from attorney John Lavely says the film

“constitutes a blatant and malicious violation of my client’s legal rights and undeniably violates the clear command of the Court’s injunction.”

“Your announced intention to produce a motion picture … about Noa and Lopez and ‘their tumultuous marriage’ (as characterized on the website).” violates the injunction, and demands they “cease and desist from proceeding.”

Ed Meyer says the film is “100% parody,” and therefore the injunction does not apply.

Meyer’s letter to attorneys John Lavely and Marty Singer, says, “As the premiere Entertainment Industry IP Lawyers, you and Marty must know and realize that your threats are moot when it comes to film that is 100% a parody.”

Casting has commenced, listing Ojani Noa as the writer, and Martin Sheen’s brother, Joe Estevez, is attached to direct. Meyer told NewsBlaze he has no intention of stopping pre-production, and plans to sell the film at the American Film Market in two weeks.

Meyer said Noa still cares about Lopez, and was hurt by the way she treated him, allegedly having multiple affairs during their marriage.

Here is Meyer’s cease and desist letter:

To: Jay Lavely, Esq.

From: Ed Meyer

cc: Marty Singer

cc: State Bar of California – Attorney Complaints

October, 23, 2009

Re: (Untitled) Ojani Noa Mockumentary Film

Dear Jay and Marty,


The (Untitled) Ojani Noa film is a “Mocumentary,” basically a parody ala “Borat.”

The untitled theatrical film is a 90 minute Mockumentary (which legally is a parody) ala “Borat” (seeking Pamela Anderson).

He uses parody defense: Movie is a mockumentary that’s immune from injunction.

The film consists of Ojani Noa still being in love with “Jennifer” in 2010, and his many attempts to regain communication with her, so as to convey his purported never ending love for her.

As the premiere Entertainment Industry IP Lawyers, you and Marty must know and realize that your threats are moot when it comes to film that is 100% a parody.

You do know that not one person prevailed in any of the “Borat” lawsuits, and you won’t prevail against this film. Your one letter didn’t offset the dozens of major distributors who wrote and called me yesterday and today, wanting to distribute this film sight unseen in two weeks at the American Film Market.

Please cease and desist your and your clients tortious behavior. Please be advised that you and your client Jennifer Lopez have now knowingly damaged me, and my production via the Tort of Interference, and on your and your firm’s part, Libelous communications contrary to State Bar of California Regulations, among other tortious behavior.


Please guide yourself accordingly,


Ed Meyer

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