Film Director Gregory Puts Bounty Monies on Rosie

“I’ll Give you One Million Dollars if You Keep Your Mouth Shut,” Film Director Gregory Says to Rosie

Midnite film
Midnite film

Los Angeles,CA (rushprnews) May 12, 2007- C. L. Gregory, film director of the upcoming The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, with Jessica Simpson in the run for the lead role has offered Rosie O’Donnell one million dollars to be given to the charity of her choice under the condition that she keeps silent until the end of her contract with ABC on The View.

Gregory stated to Rush PR News, “She’s made some idiotic statements,” and although Gregory affirms to be a supporter of free speech, he elaborated, ” So, my offer was and still is that if she can literally not say one word on The View about anything, we’d pay her favorite charity one million dollars. It’s that simple.” An obvious impossible feat for a talk show host under contractual obligations but the message from Gregory is clear. “Think before you speak. We miss Barb.”

Gregory has more than a few detractors of his own. From the American Family Association (AFA), a religious and political watchdog organization to women’s group, he has been under fire for his film violent content, especially directed against women. His films have been labeled “immoral” and “mocking the Church” by the AFA.

With the growing appeal and success of violent horror films, Gregory shows no concern over the criticism and is betting that his latest film The Kentucky Fried Horror Show will give the blood thirsty audience its money’s worth, and Simpson, it seems, is anxious to get on board. “Jessica Simpson is the girl that can become the next horror scream queen.” Gregory said when asked about her.

When asked by Rush PR News about the possibility of putting a bounty on male TV loudmouths from Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs to Bill O’Reilly, which he was recently a guest on; Gregory responded “I actually was on Bill O’Reilly this past February to talk about one of my earlier films. He’s an ass and I made it pretty clear he was an ass.” His comments were picked up by CNN and other major networks.

Rush PR News is willing to bet that others wish that Gregory kept his mouth shut once in a while. An event unlikely to happen.

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