Fashion’s Top 10 Hottest New Faces – Karlie Kloss

Not long ago just a “new face,” on the fashion circuit who was only known to select fashionista’s and some fashion insiders, today, Karlie Kloss is one of the most famous models on the planet.

Love them or hate them, models have been a part of popular culture since the invention of the printing press, and they are here to stay. The following is what I wrote about models here in an earlier story on News Blaze:

How Society Views the Fashion Model

Often times the most ridiculed, under-valued, and hated people in the entertainment industry – models, undergo the scorn of society. From envy from other women, who accuse them, sometimes accurately-but often times not – of having eating disorders, from criticism by feminists for perpetuating the alleged degradation of women by the so called ‘male gaze,’ and from many men, who view them merely as a mindless body and pretty face to look at, use, and throw away; models, whose career came in to existence with the beginning of the printed press, can have it tough.

Even the entertainment industry itself, including agents and managers, often demeans models. Reps that handle actors often dislike models, and actors, whose hard work is often undermined by a pretty face, may find them threatening, and therefore consider them enemies.

Success as a Model


While generally perceived as spoiled, rich little brats, who don’t roll out of bed before noon for less than a million dollars, the truth is, according to certain labor statistics, most models, the ones that even make any money, don’t average much above minimum wage. Yet many models, based on my experience, are often hard working, intelligent young women, pushing their way through school, and sometimes school and work, scraping by, and simply hoping to give themselves and, many hope, maybe even their family, a better life for a cycle that most know is short lived.

Yet when they succeed, models can get paid any where from several hundred dollars on the low end per day, to hundreds, and some times even thousands per hour. To even make a decent full time living at being a model, a model is usually one out of thousands or even tens of thousands of other girls who did not make the cut. To be a supermodel, it is one out of hundreds of thousands or even more who tried, while only one made it. Yet it takes constant work, dedication, and yes, artistry, to know how to work the allure and beauty that they were born with.

The Essence of a Model

Having seen literally thousands of models, or those aspiring to be, over the years, I have realized that a part of the essence of the female model that makes her such an object of beauty to society and the media, is the essence of a woman herself. Her beauty, her intelligence, her personality, her charm, her spirit, her confidence, her innocence, and her modern power to push against the patriarchal system that has been set up against her, and use it to her advantage to regain her independence. We may all complain about models at some point (I know I have), but the fact is, the world is a much brighter, prettier, and better place because of models, and so we here salute them. We give you here in this issue of The Hollywood Sentinel, in no particular order, the Top 10 Best ‘New Faces’ of Fashion from the past five years to present.

Karlie Kloss – A Chicago Legend

Born in Chicago, and raised there and in St. Louis, Karlie began modeling at 14 years of age. With a background in ballet, she called her classical ballet training “a beautiful thing” that taught her how to move in the modeling world and was a great training ground for her runway walk. Reportedly discovered at a local benefit runway show, she shot for photographer David Leslie Anthony for a 12-page editorial and cover for ‘Scene Magazine’ in Chicago in 1992. Elite in Chicago got her signed to their sister agency Elite New York, where she then reportedly did the runway for Zac Posen, for New York Fashion Week in the Fall of 2008.

Her career skyrocketed. Famous designers, photographers, and brands were smitten with her, including Abercrombie and Fitch who she shot for captured by the legendary Bruce Weber. Leaving Elite for Next Model Management, she was now one on fashions fastest rising stars, walking dozens of runway shows, including 31 for New York Fashion Week, closing the show for Marc Jacobs, and opening another for Carolina Herrera. She then reportedly went on to walk the runway for 20 shows in Milan, and 13 in Paris for the fall 2008 collections, with a total of 64 shows in a single season. Karlie then left Next for IMG. Model Molly Sims, who Karlie reportedly considers a mentor, stated that she thinks Kloss will still “do well at 30” because of her “classic look.”

Karlie Kloss – World Class Supermodel

“She has been in advertisements for Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan, Nina Ricci, Chloe, Lacoste, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Bergdorf Goodman, Dior, Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, Barneys New York, and Victoria’s Secret Pink among more. She has walked for numerous designers around the world including Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Versace, and appeared in editorials for American and Korean W, American Elle, Allure, and American, Australian, Italian, French, British, Korean, German, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Teen, and Latin American Vogue editions among other magazines. Her magazine cover appearances include Italian Vogue in October 2009, January 2010, and December 2011, Vogue Turkey, Vogue Portugal, Vogue China in February, August, and November in 2010, British Vogue in September 2012, Vogue Korea and American Teen Vogue among others. Her T.V. appearances include Season Four; Episode 1 of Gossip Girl as herself, in addition to others appearances as a host on MTV, and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2013 among more.” (source: Wikipedia)

The Famous Walk

Her runway walk, one of the most unique, is considered the greatest by many. Fashionista James Goldstein, who attends nearly every major fashion show in the world, and is friends with many top supermodels and designers stated to The Hollywood Sentinel this year, “Karlie is one of my favorite models. She has the best walk, a unique look, a great presence, and is exciting to watch.” In February 2011, supermodel Tyra Banks also stated that Karlie was one of her favorite models because of her “unique, atypical beauty.”

Karlie Kloss – Victoria’s Secret Angel

At a towering 6 feet and 1 inch tall, the Leo, born August 3rd last starred in the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this December, which can be seen if you missed it, for free, now online at the official Victoria’s Secret website. When asked by V.S. What she hasn’t done yet that she wishes she could do, Karlie says, “Skydive, but I’m slightly afraid of heights!” In addition to the love of her friends and family, Karlie also loves dark chocolate. Karlie’s hobbies include baking (she made her own vegan cookies recently for a charity fundraiser), and sports including bicycling and ballet, which she attributes to her thin figure.

Avoiding Critics

Having endured criticism for claims that she has an eating disorder or starves her self, Karlie does her best not to let such false criticisms effect her, stating that her figure is maintained partly by her rigorous training in ballet, as well as her genes. She states that ballet is one of the best things that every girl should do. She keeps a notebook filled with her dreams and aspirations, consults with her management team for every decision, and has thought about being a kindergarten teacher because she loves children so much. Of her career and life, she calls herself incredibly “blessed.” A top model, with true Midwestern charm, Karlie Kloss is without a doubt, one of the Top 10 New Faces of Our Time.

Karlie Kloss – Live

The following is a cute, sexy, and entertaining video of Karlie doing a photo shoot in China for Vogue. Amazingly, the legendary Vogue Magazine has portions of all 122 years of its back issues, including parts of the very first issue of Vogue, now made available online to subscribers. And, Vogue is now giving away another free gift with subscription orders. Vogue can be ordered by calling: 1-800-405-8085.

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