Ellen Alexande​r Named Hollywood’s Sexiest New Rising Star​

Actress and Model Ellen Alexander grew up no ordinary girl. The sex symbol, often said to resemble a young Naomi Watts – was born in Moscow, Russia to a family of Russian scientists. Ellen Alexander’s mother was an engineer who worked on electric engines, and the rising star’s entire family from her father’s side successfully worked on building the now legendary Russian Space Program since its inception, during the very beginning of the Soviet Union.

Paving the way for Ellen’s rise in Hollywood, she spent her childhood as a young girl around many famous politicians, scientists, and the social elite from high culture, who helped form her non-stop, winning mentality. The pretty young girl began trying herself out in many different areas of the arts including journalism, painting, acting, modeling, and even business, in which she earned a degree.


The Best Art Form in the World

Thankfully for the public however, Ellen decided to become an actress,​ due to her love of beauty and art. Having done a lot modeling for top fashion magazines and ad campaigns around the world, she wanted something more. A girl whose words are music to Hollywood’s ears, she recently confessed, “I think cinematography is one of the best art forms ever created.” It is with this conviction, that she set her sights across the North Atlantic Ocean and plotted the path of her destiny – Hollywood.

Jealous of Beauty

Being the most beautiful woman in the room, with talent to match, had a price in Hollywood however, the Russian beauty soon found out. Ellen states, “Not everybody likes a young woman or actresses. I have been met with a lot of jealousy, and people who do not want me to succeed as an actress.” Still, Ellen persevered, and did not let any haters kill her kind​ spirit. She went on to create a charitable organization that helps protect victims of domestic violence. “I like helping people,” the actress said.

James Bond Girl

Highly Intelligent, smartly sophisticated, undeniably sexy, and greatly talented, Ellen Alexander has recently been rumored as a top contender to star as one of the next Bond Girls in the James Bond franchise. While the actress – who is now single – would neither confirm nor deny the speculation, she said, “I practice martial arts and I like to play strong female characters. I also have fun with sexy roles, so being a Bond girl is a perfect fit for me.”


Growing Up Russian

Ellen Alexander: I am from Moscow. Moscow is a beautiful city full of creative and business oriented people in the same time. Luxury lifestyle is a cult there. People dress really well, take care of themselves, wear expensive clothing and like to demonstrate their wealth and generosity. Culture and art are very strong developed. I am friends with a lot of sophisticated people who are nice and friendly. I miss it sometimes.

America Vs. Russia, Which is Better?

Ellen Alexander: Russia is not better but different. America also has a lot of attractive sides which foreigners do not always understand and appreciate from the beginning. American people are more organized, detail oriented and calculative. generally, they do not like to spend money if it is not an investment. They often hide their wealth. This works well to build a strong economy controlling the world and producing goods where each detail meets top competition and quality control. This smart calculative approach is necessary to hold it together.

Ellen Alexander: Those are two different countries with qualities which add to each other and can go together really well.

Russian Women vs. American Women

Ellen Alexander: There are different men and women everywhere, but I would say that Russian woman are more family oriented than American women. It is almost impossible to meet a Russian woman who doesn’t want to have family and kids.

Ellen Alexander: Yes, I feel that American women are generally more career oriented, and I see a lot of great men left alone here without having a partner. Sometimes it is because of fear of commitment, or having too many choices, or not investing enough into a relationship. But in our country (Russia), it is not that common, and even a man who is not that successful is often taken by a woman who would care for him and will keep him warm and fed. The divorce rate is really low in Russia because couples normally stay together and figure it out if there are difficulties.

Ellen Alexander: Yes, and it is easier to survive in a third world country when you have a partner in life. Human and friendship qualities are more cultivated as well.

Ellen Alexander: I like Johnny Depp and Vincent Spano as charismatic talented, beautiful people and male actors.

Ellen Alexander: For females, I like actresses who look like me a bit as Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Scarlet Johans​son, Naomi Watts and some who do not look like me, such as Penelope Cruz.

Ellen Alexander: Thank you.

Advice to Models and Actresses Coming to America

Ellen Alexander: I think that they better learn and master the American accent and other accents from an early age, or come to America early to study at school. Or, get really good teachers and seriously work on their accent!

Ellen Alexander: Definitely, thank you!

​Ellen Alexander may be contacted through her press department at 310-226-7176.