Elin Has Tiger In The Tank

The famous U.S. golfer known in the past to generate headlines reading “Tiger Woods Owns Torrey Pines”, didn’t show up on the links this past January.

Now, in dissolution papers filed today August 23, it appears Tall T’s wife has finally found it impossible to get past his egregious behavior with a succession of bimbos. No one can dispute that Tiger’s repetitive willingness to keep his nine-iron hot was, even after a cooling off period, more than any wife could forgive.

This puts Elin once more in a position to name her divorce settlement price, boxing Tiger into a position without disagreement or wiggle room.

What makes the legalities of this split unique to situations like Mel Gibson, or John Edwards, is that Elin got her money locked into a marital plan then requested it be “Adopted and Confirmed By The Court Today.” While no dollar figures have been made available yet, this does put wifey at the head of possible Woods creditors.

Not a bad idea since Tiger has been playing such poor golf lately he’s unlikely to soon be allowed even on the apron of links in places like backwoods Waterloo, Iowa.

What Tiger’s costly lawyers did get was agreement that he be compelled to complete a Parenting Course – it was actually demanded on both sides for the couple’s two young children. That seems to be about the best Tiger could get away with.

Fine print details aren’t out today but the fact that in spite of Tiger being famous (or infamous, your choice), his soon to be ex is so anxious to disassociate herself from Romeo she even renounced his name. The court instructed today to restore her right to be known as Elin Nordegen.