Do ‘Illegal’ Immigrants Have Rights?

Do landowners have the right to keep those who do not own the land off of their property? Does a government or state have a ‘right’ to own land? Does one country have a right to prevent the movement of people to or from one side of land into or out of that country? At what point does alleged ‘ownership’ cease to become a right, and cross over to violating the rights of another- or does this occur? These are some of the worthwhile questions that this outstanding documentary here below raises, which is highly worth seeing.

Yet, while this documentary raises these questions- answers are still left to be discerned. To be sure, it it tragic that many have no homes, no place to go, or no way to make a living. Some are trapped – or are they? This documentary raises many questions and leaves the viewer to make up their own mind. Uncovering aspects of a great wall being built in India speculated to eventually rival the length of the Great Wall of China when it is complete, among other fences and border barriers, this documentary also reveals other walls, fences, and borders that keep the more monied classes or more wealthy governments isolated from their more poorer neighbors- which are often just footsteps away.

At the closing of this video, an expensive large home with a tall fence is depicted, connoting that the rich are wrong for building fences around their homes. Yet, what should they do? Should all homeowners be required to unlock their doors and be forced to let the poor and homeless take over their home and yards? Do the rich owe a living or owe a home to those who have less?

While this documentary does a great job at uncovering travesties with world governments, it crosses over from attacking governments abuses to attacking the wealthy class with big homes- and promoting a socialist agenda- failing to discuss any ideological cohesivity that unites the two postulates of ‘rich governments are bad’ and ‘rich people are bad,’ and failing to answer how its socialist inference is a workable solution.

Despite this problem, this documentary is a very powerful, moving, and beautiful work that is well worth seeing, and considering, as we should hold governments accountable for their miss-deeds, and strive for a more freer and fairer life for all around the world.