Dawn Holland: Lindsay Lohan ‘Called Me A ‘C**T B***H’

Lindsay Lohan declares that the Betty Ford staff member, Dawn Holland, who is mentioning the B word, battery, by the star “had it out for her” and was so abusive that she made Lohan cry.

Dawn Holland, who was just fired, tells a different story. Holland states that Lindsay attacked her physically, caused her to sprain her arm and she’s on workers’ compensation.

Lohan admits she wasn’t with her two room-mates hours before the incident, because she was out getting her hair done, somewhere around midnight. If true, Lohan broke curfew.

Holland expressed how Lohan refused to take a breath analyzer test. According to Lohan, she asked Holland to give her a test but Holland refused.

Holland explained that in the heat of the argument, Lohan “threw the phone. I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand, tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, called me a ‘C**T B***H.'”

“You know I could press charges against you for putting your hands on me,” Holland told Lohan.

“And she replied ‘Oh, you just want money.'”