David DiMichele is one of those extraordinary artists who believes in art as a transcendental state of meditation.

A California native, DiMichele studied at University of California at Berkeley, U.C. Santa Cruz. and Cal State University, Long Beach. His diverse influences reflecting the nature of his work, include conceptualist Jim Melchen at Berkeley and the New York School abstract artist Narsula Jack at Long Beach.

David DiMichele’s involvement with abstract drawing, painting, and sculpture inspired him, to create a series of installation projects in the 80’s and 90’s at venues such as Simard/Holm Gallery, Laguna Art Museum, Claremont Graduate University of Art, Cal State Fullerton, and Irvine Fine Arts Center.

David DiMichele At Work

David DiMichele.
David DiMichele.

In referring to Installation art, this happens when the artist faces technology with art making artists, galleries, fairs and museums more accessible to DiMichele presenting in various ways, questioning its conventions and traditions one has.

DiMichele uses imaginative photography and art direction. His multi-media approach is actually to say the least, good conversation.


His work is focused on abstraction, initially with non-objection imagery. By examining the concept of abstract art in various ways, questioning its conventions and traditions, DiMichele presents his works more effectively.

Through large scale photography, he creates photographs that depict fantasy installations in grandiose exhibition spaces. He does this by building scale models of his exhibition spaces and creates within the spaces original art works in drawing, painting, and sculpture mediums. The installations are then photographed with a large format camera to create his final works.


One might ask what inspires DiMichele to create these pieces, referred to as Pseudodocumentation photographs. It is inspired through his fantasy and as an installation artist, his passion for monumental museum and gallery architecture and his love of abstract form.

His works reverse the usual situations whereby an artwork is created, then documented by a photograph and reproduced in a book or magazine as a representation of his work.

In a world of futuristic contemplation and new innovations, David DiMichele continues his rich, dream like images drawing the reverse to imagine oneself in the exhibition hall, but the settings are not all together inviting.

Like this reporter, there are many who admire DiMichele’s works, which have been written about in the L.A.Times, L.A. Weekley, N.Y. Art Review, Plattinum, New Art and many others.

For more information visit daviddimichele.com

installation by David DiMichele
installation by David DiMichele
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