Comic Con 2008: Smallville and Supernatural

Fans of both CW’s Smallville and Supernatural came to the Comic Con to get the latest scoops of their favorite Man of Steel and those demon-hunting Winchester brothers for the upcoming fall season.

Smallville‘s executive producer Erin Fox stated that the relationship of Lois and Clark in season eight will go more than just brother and sister.

“Lois and Clark will be working side by side at The Daily Planet,” she revealed, “and Lois will start to see Clark in a different way. She’s surprised to see him in a suit, all grown up and handsome.”

This season will find Clark reaching closer to his destiny as Superman, using his job at the Planet to help people — but realizes that he must live a double life. Though there’ll still be “no tights,” there hasn’t been any comment on the “no flights” rule.

It was recently revealed that Dean will come back from Hell in Supernatural‘s fourth season — but with no memory of it ever happening.

“What happened to Dean in Hell and to Sam when he had to be a hunter by himself will slowly come to light” stated creator Eric Kripke. “It will gives us a nice opportunity for an internal struggle for Dean and for the brothers to surprise each other.”

Gone is Lauren Cohan (Bela) and Katie Cassidy (Ruby), but returning is Jim Beaver and Steven Williams as seasoned demon fighters Bobby and Rufus.

Joining Supernatural is X-Files alum Mitch Pleggi as the boys’ grandfather in an upcoming time-travel episode per Kripke. Fans got a peek of the first few minutes of the new season, and there were talks of the Ghost Facers (who made a surprise appearance at the convention) having their own mini spin-off. But any other more spoliers is under top secret.

The season premieres of Smallville and Supernatural will air on Thursday, September 18 starting at 8pm on the CW Network.

Source: TV Guide