Cle Bennett Works Both Sides of The Law on ‘Rookie Blue’ and ‘Arrow’

Garrett Godwin: What can Rookie Blue fans expect of Wesley Cole next season?

Cle Bennett: Next season hasn’t even been fleshed out yet, so they’ll have to wait and see!

GG: You just finished a guest-starring role on CW’s Arrow, one of my favorite superhero shows. Tell us about your character, and explain to us what’s like to be on the Arrow’s list of bad guys. Will this be a possible recurring role?

CB: I play the role of Xavier Reed – a.k.a. “The Mayor” -, a total badass! In the aftermath of the quake, his goal is to take over The Glades, with sheer firepower. I’m psyched to be a part of Arrow this upcoming season; look for “The Mayor” to show up in episode 4. I’m not at liberty to discuss his tenure, though. You’re gonna have to watch and find out!

GG: Is your character on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries a good guy or a bad guy?

CB: I play Ozzy Hughes, a ragtime musician, who plays in a traveling band called the Jubilee Singers. Upon their arrival in Toronto for a limited engagement, their band leader is murdered, and the mystery begins. I can’t exactly say whom the “good” or “bad” guys are. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a mystery anymore!

GG: Which would you prefer and why?

CB: I don’t judge my characters, so I don’t see characters as “good” or “bad”. Whenever I take on a new role, I try to get to the root of what motivates them to do what they do. That being said, I guess I have a thing for playing “good” guys, who get caught up in “bad” situations, which in turn, causes them to have to do “bad” things.

GG: How do you prepare for a role?

CB: I just do whatever research I can, based on available information, and then I make a conscious effort to “become” the character, instead of being myself, “acting” like the character. Big difference. If you wanna see an example of “becoming” vs “acting”, just watch how kids play. Zero ego. Total sacrifice for character. Kids are experts at “becoming”.

GG: Tell us about the short Bar None you directed

CB: Barry Clark (Nicholas Campbell) appears to have it all – fame, a beautiful home, a loving family. But perception can be deceiving; and in a morbid deal with the devil, Barry swears to kill himself unless one person smiles at him on his way to jump off a bridge.

GG: With so many projects in the can and currently in the works, how do you manage without making yourself crazy and exhausted? Do you ever relax?

CB: This is my passion, so I enjoy having a lot of things on the go. I’d probably go crazy if I wasn’t so busy! I relax when I sleep!

GG: Where can your fans find out more about you?

CB: Just keep watching!

Garrett Godwin
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