The Haunting Secrets of Suite H: Christopher Herren’s Séance at Cannery Row

Christopher Herren is no ordinary magician. A renowned name in the world of conjuring, his recent venture into the realm of the supernatural set the internet abuzz. Many of us, when thinking of magicians, imagine dazzling card tricks, mysterious disappearing acts, and perhaps the occasional rabbit from a hat.

Christopher Herren Séances

But delving deep into the archives of mystical phenomena, Christopher Herren recently announced a series of séances at the enigmatic 711 Suite H on Cannery Row, Monterey. If the swirling rumors are true, this suite isn’t just any regular building; it’s haunted.

Venturing on to for a deeper look, readers are met with a striking black and blood red webpage with the headline: “Dare to Experience the Unknown? Join Christopher Herren in Unraveling the Mysteries of Suite H.”

The details were intriguing, to say the least. Suite H? Is that H for Haunted?

A select group, handpicked from countless applicants, would have the unique opportunity to participate in a verified séance.

christopher herren master magician. Image c/o WIll Roberts.
Christopher Herren master magician. Image c/o WIll Roberts.

But Why Suite H?

Cannery Row, a historic waterfront street in Monterey, California, has long been associated with stories of bygone eras, including John Steinbeck’s tales. Suite H, in particular, has a checkered past that dates back decades. Whispers around town speak of eerie noises, sudden temperature drops, and ghostly apparitions that leave even the most skeptical residents puzzled.

Christopher, in an exclusive interview on the website, mentioned his interest in the supernatural grew after a personal encounter in Suite H. “It started as a mere curiosity, but what I experienced was beyond the ordinary. The air was thick, heavy, and laden with stories waiting to be told.” Determined to seek answers and shed light on these tales, the magician-cum-medium decided to host a series of séances.

Crowd Testimonials

While many might dismiss this as a publicity stunt or mere theatrics, what makes these séances stand out is their ‘crowd-verified’ nature. The attendees, from different backgrounds and professions, will vouch for the authenticity of the events that unfold. Their testimonials and observations are set to be broadcast in real-time, ensuring transparency and adding a layer of credibility.

The dates for the séances have been announced, and the anticipation is palpable. As the days draw closer, there’s a sense of collective curiosity. Will Christopher Herren and a select group truly communicate with the other side? Will the spirits of Suite H share their stories? Or will it all end as just another event in the magician’s repertoire?

The intrigue, the mysteries, and the promise of a journey into the unknown make this an event that’s not to be missed. Whether you’re a believer in the supernatural or a staunch skeptic, one thing’s for sure: Suite H and Christopher Herren are about to offer a show that Cannery Row won’t forget anytime soon.

Visit for full details and to stay updated on the upcoming séances.

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711 Cannery Row, Suite h
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 760-8291

Cannery Row seance with magician Chris Herren. Image c/o WIll Roberts.
Cannery Row seance with magician Chris Herren. Image c/o WIll Roberts.
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