Celebrities Celebrate Pete Allman’s Birthday

The world famous Warehouse Restaurant in Marina Del Rey was the setting for a gig by talk show host, Pete Allman. Allman, who celebrated his Birthday and his return to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, shared the stage with various entertainers and actors.

Damian Chapa, the producer, star and director of Brando Unauthorized who hired Allman as one of the producers for his film, shared his views about Pete. “We both have a lot in common, we’re eccentric. But Pete is a man of many talents. He gets the job done and I’m proud to know him,” Chapa said.

Annette Young and Manny Lopez, the two other producers of the film were also present, speaking on behalf of Allman.

ken norton victoria peters chocalate bunny
Ken Norton, Victoria Peters and Chocalate Bunny with birthday boy, Pete Allman

Allman, who was with James Brown for 10 years, was joined by fellow hip hop artist, record producer Kevin Chamberliss, Anasha Holiday and Keisha Liu.

The evening of entertainment organized by Allman was created to also celebrate compassion and understanding for entertainers, executives, and professional people. Allman has always conducted inspirational interviews for television and the Internet.

Other celebrities who joined the party were Flamenco guitarist Jess Rodz and singer Deon Williams.

sandra mack, eric zuley
Sandra Mack, Pete Allman, Eric Zuley
ricco chapa pete allman
Ricco Chapa and Pete Allman

Sandra Mack of the Clara Ward singers, the legendary gospel group, sang a brilliant Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday to Allman, and Travis Cody, one of the co-stars of Brando Unauthorized also gave an impressive a Capella performance.

Phil Sky also from Brando Unauthorized inspired the evening with his vocals. The evening progressed with the magic of Rocco and special congratulations from Carmelita and Jerry Pittman of the Rose Breast Cancer Society.

The Pittmans’ also honored Ken Norton, the Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, who was available to take pictures with his fans. Other celebrities who joined in on the fun and hammed it up with Pete were, Todd Johnson, Michael Wayne and Suzanne James, Irina Lyons, Eric Zuley, Rusty Myers, Annette Young, Theodore Garcia and promotor and founder of ‘The Toast Awards’ Michael Carter.

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Pete Allman is a Las Vegas-based commentator, broadcast personality and celebrity interviewer. He also produces inspirational messages for television and other media. Contact him at [email protected] or (702)265-9099. Visit www.CelebrityScene.com