Catherine Hickland’s Summer ‘Life’

Catherine Hickland returns to Llanview this month as sexy yet devious Lindsay Rappaport on ABC’s One Life to Live, a role she has played since 1998. Over the past decade, Lindsay has broken both laws and the hearts of Llanview men such as police commissioner Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods). We saw her last August, currently in prison for the murder of Spencer Truman, after which she faked a breakdown to avoid time. However, archrival D.A. Nora Hanen (Hillary B. Smith) uncovered it and revealed it at her failed second wedding with Bo.

Since One Life, Catherine has been busy promoting her book The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure, in which she offers both men and women advice and exercises on how to heal your emotional wounds in the process of getting over a bad breakup in your relationships.

In this YouTube clip from SimonSchusterVideos, Catherine talks about how this book came to fruition based on her own experience with heartbreak:

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She was recently at the Knight Rider Festival earlier this year in Las Vegas, where she played Stevie Mason in the original for three episodes (“White Bird,” “Let it Be Me,” and “The Scent of Roses”). Besides an author, Catherine is also host of her Conscious Loving radio show, owner of Cat Cosmetics, an licensed hypnotist, and humanitarian to several causes and charities — which you can find out more on her official website.

Catherine’s time on One Life will be short-term, for there is no word on whether or not Lindsay will be parole from jail. But Soap Opera Digest recently stated that her character will be interacting with someone she knows; an airdate hasn’t been announced yet.

Check out her Hypnosis show from vppjoaquin:

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