Caryl M. Christian Levy Solo Exhibition at Fine Arts Building Proved Magical

Award winning fine artist Caryl M. Christian Levy hosted her solo show Thursday night here in Los Angeles, to great acclaim. The magical show, titled “Art Meets Architecture: Caryl M. Christian Levy, Monotypes: The Vestment Series,” was the artists first Solo Exhibition since her whirlwind tour from Italy just a day earlier. Not looking even a bit jet-lagged, the world renowned artist returned from Caryl Levy’s Artist In Residence this month in Venice, Italy.

While the artist has been to Venice numerous times, she stated it was good to return, yet also added, “It is really good to be back home!” The former Director of the Masters of Public Art Studies at The University of Southern California, calls Southern California, Los Angeles her home. And she added, “America has an optimism today that is refreshing and strong.” Indeed!


An exciting night was had by all of the hundred or so attendees pouring in and out of the grand entrance-way of the historic Fine Arts Building where this special night was held. A live jazz band performed continuously throughout the night, with fine wines, chilled bottled waters, sparking juices and other libations flowing freely. White draped banquet tables welcomed guests with a bevy of endless fruits, foods, cheeses, desserts, and gourmet pastries including baklava.

Art patrons crowded the hall happily mingling and networking, with many waiting turn to see the work of the artist, and a few more fortunate viewers, getting a private lecture with the creator herself, in front of select works. The art itself was stunning. Seeing the work of a great artist while standing before it sipping a glass of wine as smooth jazz plays in a multi-million dollar palatial mansion fit for a King is as good as it gets, and indeed, one of of the finer things of life. This night had it; great art, great food and drink, a stellar environment, and a good, interesting crowd. If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Sex and the City,” and wanted to feel like you were in one of those scenes doing something timelessly hip, well this event would have been that moment. Delightfully urban, cool, and rich. Such is the audience that the work of this artist; Caryl M. Christian Levy commands.

Those of you fortunate enough to live in this amazing metropolis, you may have missed this great art opening filled with some of the cities talented, rich, and beautiful that opened March 13, but have hope, the exhibition runs through April 4, 2014, where you will at the very least, have a part of your soul touched in a gentle, yet powerful way by the spirit of a truly gifted artist and her high impact work.

Academy Award Winning Star for Best Supporting Actress; Lupita Nyong’o, (from the Oscar Winning Film for Best Picture; 12 Years a Slave) is rumored to be looking at the artwork pictured here above, which just went on the market for sale.

Caryl M. Christian Levy; Monotypes: The Vestment Series is held at The Fine Arts Building, 811 W. 7th Street, The Grand Lobby, Los Angeles, California, 90017, and runs through April 4, 2014.

For more information on the artist Caryl M. Christian Levy, visit her official website at: www.CMCfinearts.US.

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