Bruce Edwin to Provide Report to California Assembly to Help Prevent Child Abuse

Talent manager Bruce Edwin, CEO of Starpower Management LLC, and publisher of The Hollywood Sentinel, is now in talks with the office of Assemblywoman Nora Campos (D-San Jose), who is introducing a bill this month in the California Assembly to more fully regulate the entertainment industry in aim to reduce child sexual abuse.

Bruce Edwin, whose personal charity work includes fighting for the rights of persons abused by the psychiatric industry, and also fighting for the rights of abused and missing kids, will be contributing information and points for the California Assembly and Assemblywoman to consider this week. The bill is largely motivated by a number of recent arrests of men that have been found guilty of sexually abusing children within the entertainment industry. The age of legal sexual consent in California is eighteen years of age.

Producer and manager Bruce Edwin states, “It is clear to me that changes need to be made in order to safeguard children with regard to the entertainment industry. The changes need to occur on three levels. Number one, with the kids themselves. Kids needs to be better educated about what is acceptable and what is not with regard to adults and the entertainment industry or any situation. Secondly, with parents. Parents or legal guardians need to set certain policy with regard to their kids safety and not deviate from that policy. And thirdly, with regard to the entertainment industry worker. Those who work in the entertainment industry need to follow a specific policy that allows for zero opportunity for the abuse of children. All of these things can be done, and have precise methods and answers.”

Bruce Edwin will be publishing his detailed report concerning the above points, and the solutions to the media this weekend and providing data to the Assembly this week. To receive the report, or interview the talent manager and producer, contact publicity department at 310-226-7176.