Bin Laden Set for Hollywood Treatment

According to various movie websites, Kathryn Bigelow, the mastermind behind multi-Oscar-winning motion picture ‘The Hurt Locker’, is seriously planning to give the ten-year-old story a Hollywood makeover, just hours after his death in Pakistan.

However, Bigelow still has to find a financial backer as well as piecing together a good enough cast for the movie to work. There is no word yet on who could play Bin Laden or even if President Obama would feature in it.

Osama Bin Laden
The world’s most infamous terrorist, Osama Bin Laden

Just as PerezHilton states, the movie will be titled ‘Kill Bin Laden’ and will focus on the long pursuit of the world’s most dangerous man when he was believed to be hiding out in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, but as we all know, he was astonishingly chilling out in a $600,000 mansion in an affluent suburb of Pakistan.

There is sure to be mixed reaction to this announcement. Plenty movie-loving Americans will rejoice at the prospect of a patriotic blockbuster detailing how we ‘got him’ . However, relatives of those who were tragically killed in the worst ever attack on the U.S. -9/11- will most definitely not welcome the news that Hollywood is aiming to profit off of the death of the al-Qaeda leader. He was after all, largely responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 all too innocent people, on that dark Manhattan day almost ten years ago.

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