Big Money, Celebs Expected for L.A. Art Walk with Caryl Christian Levy

Award winning artist Caryl M. Christian Levy has been selected as the featured artist for the renowned downtown Los Angeles Art Walk this month on November 14th, 2013, reports the offices of the L.A. Art Walk.

CMC Fine Arts Popularity Rising at 944 Chung King Road

The lauded artist, who has taught art at The University of Southern California, and who owns her own gallery in the heart of downtown L.A.’s Chinatown at 944 Chung King Road in Los Angeles, California, says she is proud to be the featured artist for The L.A. Art walk, one of the largest art walks in America.

History of the Art Walk

Caryl in the Gallery
Caryl M. Christian Levy in the Gallery

Art Walks, as they are referred to, are specific dates and locations where communities – with ideally, a high concentration of artists and galleries near to each other within walking distance – open their doors to the public, welcoming them inside to view their art with the consideration to buy art work.

Historical research on the first art walks in the world leads one to surmise that art walks must be as old as art and the development of society itself, with the cooperation of communities, and arts festivals. Art; the foundation and spirit of culture, has always been celebrated with The Art Walk.

Los Angeles – A World Class City for the Arts

As the second largest city in The United States, Los Angeles has a burgeoning new art scene; from the Downtown L.A. Art Walk, the massive L.A. Art Show, dozens of other art walks throughout the city, and some of the best museums, fine art, and top art dealers in the world. It is therefore an honor that artist Caryl M. Christian Levy accepts proudly and graciously the nomination as the top featured artist of the L.A. Art Walk in November 2013.

Caryl M. Christian Levy – Background

Asked about her work, Caryl M. Christian-Levy said, “My practice as a professional artist, educator and public art professional brings together many related disciplines providing a framework for collaborations with artists, cultural institutions, communities and city programs, and the public and private development in the realization of public art projects, programs and site specific commissioned public artworks.”

On lectures and workshops, Caryl said, “I currently lecture, instruct, and conduct workshops and presentations addressing the public realm with the goal of generating new arts policies and guidelines through inclusive community dialogues.” As a top artist, and educator, as well as a public artist of great renown world wide, it is therefore of no surprise why she would be chosen as the featured artist for one of America’s now most famous art walks.

Veil by Caryl M. ChristianLevy

About the L.A. Art Walk

The free, self-guided, public art phenomenon known as The Downtown Art Walk brings together art lovers and community friends to the ever evolving downtown Los Angeles. With exciting and unique offerings around every corner, downtown celebrates the arts each and every month on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Hours vary by gallery, yet typically range from Noon until 10pm.

L.A. Art Walk Location and Time

November 14th, 2013 is the next L.A. Art Walk, which will offer The City of Los Angeles and its massive population the chance to come and see one of the fastest rising artists and art leaders in American culture – artist Caryl M. Christian-Levy.

The main event of the downtown L.A. Art featuring artist Ms. Christian-Levy is to be held on November 14th, 2013, at 634 S. Spring Street, in downtown Los Angeles. This is the location of the special Art Walk Lounge where her exciting new work titled ‘The Vestment Series’ is shown.

The L.A. Art Walk kicks off at 6pm, at 634 South Spring Street, L.A., CA, 90015 on November 14th, 2013, Thursday. Attendees should arrive early.

Getting There

Patrons of the arts are advised to arrive early and plan ahead for traffic and parking. There are numerous paid parking lots in the area, or, public transportation is available.

Sponsored by The Los Angeles Times

The world famous L.A. Art Walk is the biggest of its kind on the West Coast, and always proves to be exciting. With this month’s Art Walk featuring an artist of the caliber of Caryl M. Christian Levy, it promises to bring in a whole new level of buyers and dealers to the energy filled event which electrifies the entire community of downtown L.A. during its run. One of the biggest and most important media outlets in the world – The Los Angeles Times will be on hand as one of the hosts of the event, as well as will high end bottled water company Perrier, giving away free gift samples to patrons along side the featured artist and her “Vestment Series.”

Celebrities Expected

Downtown L.A. is the new mecca for stars galore to its attractions, energy, and new nightlife. Star Johnny Depp reportedly lives within walking distance from the Art Walk’s 634 S. Spring Street location in downtown L.A. where Caryl M. Christian Levy kicks off the show. Many celebrities are expected.

National Press Confirmed

Confirmed press include The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Downtown News, The Hollywood Sentinel, NewsBlaze, The Beverly Hills Times, and many more.

Big Money and Sex Appeal

Near the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise School (FIDM), The downtown L.A. Art walk – held in the new thriving loft district – always attracts the hip and trendy, designers and models, and young and beautiful girls and guys who appreciate art, that live and work in the vicinity. Aside from the usual sex appeal and block party atmosphere the L.A. Art Walk has become known for however, this month of November is expected to bring in an added new type of audience; buyers and dealers with big money like never before, who not only love art, but who love to buy it.

Buyer Strategies

For the many true art buyers, arriving early will also offer a more relaxing view of Caryl M. Christian Levy’s work, as well as the stroll through the different galleries and art exhibits. As the evening progresses, more visitors descend on the area which should prove to be the most successful L.A. Art Walk in its fabled history

Artists Statement

“As an artist, my painting and studio work comes from a Midwestern influence during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Most of us working during this decade saw the shift in object to process, the impact upon my studio art manifests in current installations created with my long time art collaborator and husband, John Levy. These monumental installations touch every aspect of my art and performance music background in addition to combining my tendency towards collaborative projects.” – Caryl M. Christian Levy

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