Batman Clear of Assault Allegations

Onscreen as Batman, he strikes fear into the hearts of criminals — bringing law to the lawless.

Now, Christian Bale’s real-life troubles with the law has come to an end, as British prosecutors state that the Welsh-born actor won’t be charged in connection with the alleged assault of his 61-year-old mother and his 40-year-old sister at the Dorchester Hotel less than a month ago.

London’s County Prosecution Service has released a statement, saying there wasn’t enough evidence for a “realistic prospect of conviction”, and that the police were ordered not to continue the investigation. The reason, according to prosecutors, is out of respect for the feelings of both Bale’s mother and sister.

Though it “treats all incidents which takes place in a domestic context seriously”, the service continued, “it is important that the views of complainants are also taken into account when making decisions in such cases.”

[ Associated Press ]

Bale’s film, The Dark Knight, remains as number-one for the fourth straight week. The movie has been breaking box-office records, and just recently made the Top 10 list of all-time box-office blockbusters.

Besides a statement from his lawyer, both the 34-year-old Bale and his family continue not to comment on the assault allegations, stating that this is a personal matter.

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