Barack Obama and 3-year-old Curtis Cooper

Curtis Cooper was just a three-year-old who loved his tricycle, but loved riding it even more. However, he had the bad luck to live at the criminally ignored Cabrini Green housing complex in the Windy City called Chicago. Sadly, young Curtis’ life was cut short when an iron gate fell on top of him in late June 2008.

“He really doesn’t come outside by himself” said Aunt Lisa Springfield. “He came out for five minutes. And I don’t understand how, maybe because it was so stiff and just broke. And just crushed him.”

Curtis’ parents have filed a wrongful death suit against Urban Property Advisors, a private management company that oversees rowhouses for the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). The lawsuit is asking damages of over $50,000; the gate failed a building inspection conducted on June 30. However, in an August press release, CHA stated that areas of the fences and gates at the site were identified by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development as “damaged/failing/leaning” and named the condition “Level 3”, which was reported as only “in need of repair”.

In an opinion from Christian Newswire, the complex had several safety violations that was “managed” by attorney and real estate broker Cullen J. Davis, who is also the longtime “crony” of Barack Obama. The Boston Globe has recently reported that as state senator, Obama was supposed to direct millions of dollars of public funds to improve public housing. However, the story has reported that instead of being used for public housing, the money was taken and some was used for Obama’s campaign.

CN‘s opinion also continue to state on this matter:

“The system worked beautifully for Obama, whose campaign coffers overflowed, and for his cronies who grew rich at the public trough. But for the poor African-Americans in these projects, who shivered without heat in the winter and endured collapsing roofs and sewage in their kitchen sinks, the system stanks. And for the parents of 3-year-old Curtis Cooper, it brought the ultimate tragedy, leaving them only a lifetime of grief and a lawsuit to pursue justice in their son’s name.”

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