Award Winning Artist Guadulesa Rivera Explains the Artistic Process

A new leader in the rapidly growing ranks of female abstract artists in Southern California, the award winning fine artist Guadulesa has become known for abstract or loosely figurative works of art, which reflect spontaneity, strong rhythm, texture, and color blends.

The visual artist is a Boston native and former resident of the Piano Factory. After studying, she began her art career in Los Angeles, California, where she began to exhibit her work and painted sets for the theatre, television and the film industry. Exhibitions at Ligoa Duncan Gallery in New York City led to her discovery in Paris in 1981, where she won Le Prix de Peinture du Centenaire de Raymond Duncan at L’Academie des Duncan. (The academy was established by the famous dancer, Isadora Duncan.)


Collected Around the World

Guadulesa’s work is also included in the Massachusetts collections of the Black Indian Inn, the Harriet Tubman Gallery, and The Cambridge Lawyers Guild. Further of her works are also be found in private collections throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and St. Croix, as well as Mexico, Israel and Spain.

Artist Wins Awards

From 1986 through 2003, Guadulesa was an active member of the arts community in Boston, where she headed arts programming at United South End Settlements. In 1991, she received a Drylongso Award from Community Change, Inc., and in 1992, Guadulesa was the recipient of an Individual Project Grant by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. She was appointed to the Boston Cultural Council by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and served in that capacity for six years.

Art and Jazz

Guadulesa participated in interdisciplinary events with musicians, dancers and poets at numerous venues; including Mobius, the Gallery at the Piano Factory, Harriet Tubman Gallery and the Knitting Factory in NYC. In 2002, with a group of local artists, Guadulesa founded the Boston Metropolitan Arts Guild and opened Gallery G. After leading a bi-coastal life for four years, she returned to Los Angeles as a resident in 2003, and Gallery G was incorporated into the Black Indian Inn in Dorchester.

Help to Boston Bombing Victims

In the summer of 2013, Guadulesa released a painting, “Boston – Survivors’ Tribute,” dedicated to the survivors and victims of the Boston Marathon. In the fall of 2013, Guadulesa launched her first project on Kickstarter, which successfully received funding. The project, titled Matrix 5; Tones of Resonance, will culminate in an art book published by the painter detailing her journey through the ‘healing tones of pure sound’ which she used to paint with in this series, as taught by her Native American Cherokee ancestors.

Helping Young People

Guadulesa’s future work includes a Los Angeles gallery show, and further cultural involvement in the arts, with a strong emphasis on teaching youth how to turn their energy into art for creative and positive projects that elevate the culture they live in.

At One with the Universe

Guadulesa states that “To live in the moment is to acknowledge everything you touch and everything that touches you, leading up to that work of art.” She says, “I am inspired by music, especially jazz, and readings, my dreams, something that catches my visual sense. I strive for balance and clarity, to go with the moment and still adhere to a relative plan.”

She continues, “In each moment, the choice of hues, line, density, textures, shapes and figures reveal the play of energy and rhythms within me and in my surrounding environment. The artistic process is to find harmonious resolution for all these elements and still simplify the shifting statement.”

Matrix 5; Tones of Resonance

The art book Matrix 5: Tones of Resonance, about Ms. Rivera’s study and meditation with the 5 tones used in ancient Cherokee (Tsalagi) Healing Practices, includes images of paintings created through an innovative manipulation of the intersection of these healing sounds and the painting process. The project is scheduled for release in November.

Kickstarter Funded Artist

Guadulesa Rivera: As I read my notes, I am amazed at the detail with which the project was documented. I am transported back to that experiment. I had forgotten how much I was transformed, during that time. I feel that it is time for me to explore this knowledge again. One of the backers of this Kickstarter project chose to commission his own Matrix 5 painting. I am preparing myself to accept this commission in a most serious manner. My own health problems led me back to the healing tones, and now, I realize that I am sharing this knowledge with others, but the real reward is also my own. I will produce another series of paintings in meditation with the tones.

The Writing Process

Guadulesa Rivera: I write whenever the window opens, no matter the time of day. When I start, it is hard to stop. Remember, I am writing from my notes, so I am living the experience again. I am thoroughly enjoying this. I have written a preface and introduction to help the reader ease into the actual project. I have written drafts of the new material, and I edit until it feels and reads well for me. I have an editor, who is reviewing my finished chapters. Some of the information is pretty esoteric, so I also include reference notes. I want everyone to be able to share this experience from the book, no matter what their background is.

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