Artist Guadulesa Rivera Discusses Being Catholic, and Life After Death

Guadulesa is an award winning fine artist, originally from Boston, who now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. The following is an exclusive interview with the artist for News Blaze by Bruce Edwin from The Hollywood Sentinel.

The Hollywood Sentinel: What is your work and life philosophy?

Guadulesa Rivera: In both work and life, I believe in integrity. I take responsibility for my words – again, the power of sound. I strive for excellence. All of the successful artists I have spoken with share this philosophy – that we must strive for excellence in our work. I remember conversations with my mentor Kanemitsu, the jazz vocalist Joe Williams and musician Charles Lloyd.

Guadulesa 4panel

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What is your life motto?

Guadulesa: The Universe is watching. Know that it counts.

Hollywood Sentinel: How do you think the internet has helped or hurt fine artists?

Guadulesa: Thee immediacy and technical restraints of the internet have forced artists to resign themselves to presenting images or sound that are not of the best quality. If the public follows up, they may encounter better representations of the work. However, some never go beyond the internet.

Hollywood Sentinel: That makes sense. I want to also bring attention to viewers here that you have recently used the internet and the site Kickstarter, in particular, to launch a new project, that is very cool and I encourage all readers here to visit, check out, and support:

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Hollywood Sentinel: You live in Los Angeles. How important is this city to you and please tell us a bit about that, such as things you love to do here, areas of influence, interest, and the like?

Guadulesa: What first attracted me to live in Los Angeles is the beauty – then the climate. Like most Easterners, we feel that the milder winter becomes increasingly more important as we grow older. I love that we can drive to the beach, the mountains, the desert. On the other hand, the traffic definitely impacts our lives. In Boston or New York, one can manage several tasks in one day, because you can move through those cities fairly easily. People walk; they take public transportation; there are truly city centers, where just about everything takes place! Los Angeles has a deep mysterious history which appeals to artists. We can’t help it! We are drawn.

Hollywood Sentinel: Yes. I love it here. Have any films or actors influenced you heavily as an artist? If so, who and how so?

Guadulesa: Around 1977 or ’78, I saw a film – La Grande Bourgeoise – with Catherine Deneuve and Giancarlo Giannini. Each frame was like a painting. I was so enthralled with the beauty of the film. I said, “I would love to be a part of creating something like this.” I immediately got on the phone and called Mike O’Gara, who happened, at the time, to be the Production Coordinator of Entertainment Tonight. I left a phone message, and lo and behold, he called me back! I told him what I wanted to do, and he gave me the number of the Artist Rep at Local 816, Scenic and Title Artists. I made an appointment, showed my portfolio, and I was off and running. I painted sets for Theatre, TV and Film productions from 1978 to 1982. I went back to Boston then and tried to find the same type of work there, but there was really no industry in Boston, not enough local production.

Hollywood Sentinel: Oh, that’s such a great story! How cool, and I have to see that film now! What musicians have influenced you artistically, and how so?

Guadulesa: I have to reference Miles Davis – for his ability to zero in on what’s important. Sometimes I have to hold back and not go overboard in my excitement with color and energy. Artistically, I have to been drawn to paint to the music of Charles Lloyd, Wayne Shorter, Egberto Gismonti, Milton Nascimento, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto, and Neil Young! All of these musicians attain a precision of artistic excellence. That energy carries over into my painting.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice, that’s a very eclectic mix. Do dreams ever influence you as an artist? If so, please explain, how?

Guadulesa: When I was working on the Matrix 5 series of paintings, I dreamed of an egg floating in the ocean. As it bobbed in the water, it took on blue pigment that formed a design on the surface. When I woke, I replicated that pattern on the next painting.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. What are your spiritual beliefs if you don’t mind telling us?

Guadulesa: I am Catholic. I believe in the force of the Trinity. I believe that this universal force personifies in many ways, on different levels, in every sense imaginable and outside of our imagination. I believe that we are here to evolve as souls, and that we are given opportunities to show our worth. When we fail, we are tested over and over again. All of this to survive as personalities in the overall history of universal experience.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s very interesting. What do you think happens to a person after they pass away?

Guadulesa: Just as we have unique stories in the flesh, I believe that our experience, when the flesh dies, depends upon our level of spiritual evolution. I believe that some souls lay dormant, to be judged en masse, at the appointed time. I believe that some souls are given the opportunity to continue their life experience right away, so that they may make up “for lost time.” I believe that some souls are found to be so corrupt that they will be confined to a very dark energy field or simply disintegrated.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow, that’s heavy. That’s a very interesting philosophy. Thanks for sharing that. What is the best thing to you about being an artist?

Guadulesa: We live with heightened senses, which allow us to more fully experience life. However, balance becomes essential. We have to get ‘outside of ourselves’ and have social interaction, converse with others, enjoy friends and family. It is so tempting to enjoy those private experiences that some artists become too reclusive. I don’t think that is positive, in the long run.

Hollywood Sentinel: I completely agree! Please tell us how people can reach you.

Guadulesa: E-mail is best for me. People can e-mail me at: [email protected]. and please visit my website. I appreciate the feedback, and do please visit my Kickstarter page and get involved!

Hollywood Sentinel: Thank you Guadulesa.

Guadulesa: Thank you!

Visit Guadulesa’s Kickstarter project at:

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