Artist Ekaterina Aksenova Soon to Enchant New York With Exquisite Artworks

The mid-February opening of the El Taous Lounge in Brooklyn will herald not only a new place to relax or find entertainment, but showcase the work of an artist on the rise.

Innocence, sensuality and enchantment, dreamlike unfold the images sketched, drawn or painted by Ekaterina Aksenova. If drawing from the heart creates art, then this budding, talented Queens Artist will soon offer more wonderful works for the New York art scene.

Skilled and capable, “Katie’s” murals shine as the centerpiece for various lounges about the city. But whether a colorful nature scene in Brooklyn or primitive cave painting theme in Soho, for this free spirit, more awaits within.

Artist Ekaterina Aksenova: Talent, Style and a Touch of Magic

Able to capture a moment, or emotion, her realism paintings are evocative. An exquisite black and white mural of Al Pacino in Scarface proves professionalism. But as Katie’s skills and expression as an artist continue to mature, her unique visions of life flow through her art to enhance perception and transcend the ordinary.

Her Sketches and drawings are moving and lovely, a beautiful woman blowing dandelion parachutes into a mirror image or a windowpane with a tearful woman formed in raindrops.

While at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), after this Russian born artist finished drawing a section of hands from Carpeaux’s sculpture Ugolino and His Sons, we discussed the attitude that an artist, any artist, should acquire.

With a smile to steal your heart, and a heart to set your soul free, Katie returned one of my favorite quotes: “No more men reading the newspaper, no more women knitting, I will paint real people that feel, breath, suffer and love. I will make a number of these paintings and when people realize the sacredness of them, they will take off their hats as if in church.” -Edvard Munch

Scarface mural with Collage (Queens)

Visit: Ekaterina “Katie” Aksenova

(Katie accommodates business owners as she creatively combines the establishments theme and visualizes what mural “belongs” in the available space, and perhaps, a zesty business logo, Faux Finish or traditional portrait.)

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As You Wish There is a Russian omen that says when you blow on the dandelion you should make a wish, and if all of the parachutes are gone and one of them grows into a new flower, the wish will come true.Katie
El Taous

1814 Coney Island Ave.

Brooklyn, NY

It was the Best of Times. It was the Worst of times.
Lair Lounge (Soho)
Under the Weather