Art Imitates Life with Moira Cue and Sarah Jessica Parker

Back in 2005, at a William Morris Agency party, award winning Hollywood producer Carl Urbin, rising singer and painter Moira Cue, and her talent manager Bruce Edwin were in a heavy conversation. The topic, Carl Urbin- also a talent manager- was discussing the production of an Art Show, showcasing the expertise of Moira Cue – a graduate of the renown School of the Art Institute of Chicago- with her prolific art knowledge, and creative force.

Moira Cue’s team loved the idea, yet was busy laying the groundwork for her new debut record. The team did some talks with investors in Chicago and on the East Coast about the art show, and then later got in touch with Sarah Jessica Parker’s office in Manhattan.

Of Sarah Jessica Parker, Bruce Edwin states, “Moira has a fondness for Jessica Parker. Sarah Jessica appreciates art, has a New York sensibility like Moira does, and of course, did Sex and the City, which Moira has been a fan of. She is also very cultured. Who better else to do an art show in New York than her? We are happy this void is being filled by her.”

moira art
This beautiful, large scale work references Klimt’s The Kiss and Picasso’s figurative style, although the psychology of the figure is completely sui generis. The fully archival media include cut, acidfree paper and hand-painted plexiglass squares.

Now, an art-based competition show, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,” which is co-executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, will have its cable premiere on Wed., June 9 at 11 p.m., on Bravo.

The Next Great Artist will feature fourteen artists competing with one another to create pieces of art each week, with the grand prize of $100,000, and a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum. Pieces will be judged each week by a panel of artists.

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